5 Actors Whose Films Should Never Get Reboots, Ever

5 Actors Whose Films Should Never Get Reboots, Ever

Reboots seem to be the thing nowadays. For films this has to be one of the worst ideas ever imagined, even if the reboot happens to go okay and people like it. In truth it almost feels like we’re trying to forget the movies that came before just so that we can entertain the current generation. Remember back when some of these films first came out? There were reboots and remakes then too, but they were almost always true to the original story and didn’t deviate as much, so it was more of an homage than a true reboot. Now however, stories that we loved are starting to be considered for a complete overhaul and are only taking the name of the film rather than the source material. Not cool Hollywood.

5. Patrick Swayze – Point Break

So yes, this movie has already suffered a reboot that died in the box office and hasn’t garnered much support since. What did Hollywood expect? The new version is an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride with little of the actual talent and less of the dialogue that made the first one great. The first one wasn’t a legendary film, but it gained a following that still believes to this day that Patrick Swayze was, and is, the only guy worth putting in this type of role. And even Keanu was better than the new guy.

4. Mel Gibson – Lethal Weapon

You don’t out-crazy Mel Gibson, not in this role. As a burnout he’s just too good a character to be portrayed by anyone else, especially in the TV series featuring Damon Wayans. Why anyone would think that they could top these films when Gibson has been laying it down so well throughout the years is kind of strange. This film doesn’t need a reboot, period. Come up with a new idea Hollywood.

3. Michael J. Fox – Back to The Future

Nope, nope, nope. You don’t take classic characters and just replace them with someone else. Point Break tried this and they crashed and burned in the box office. If anyone decided that Back to The Future needed a reboot, and there have been talks, they need to go back to drawing board and think again. There are arguably only so many ideas that one can come up with for a movie, but there are infinite ways that a film can be tweaked to be its own individual idea.

2. Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones

So really, Shia Lebouf isn’t the right guy to take up this mantle, not ever. As Mutt he was kind of corny and even funny at times, but he wasn’t another Indy. This character needs to be retired and put to rest eventually or given one last hurrah with the same character reprising the role. Once the film is done, then so is Indiana Jones. Legends don’t stay legends when they keep being rehashed and redone. That’s how legend-killing happens.

1. Al Pacino – The Godfather

The heavens might just split open and devour the person that tries to reboot this one. One of the all-time classic films in any genre, it DOES NOT need a reboot. If you start messing with the classics then you might as well take a torch to the Hollywood sign because you’ve lost your ever-loving mind. Let the masterpieces sit as they are. You don’t see someone trying to one-up the Mona Lisa do you? Then don’t make a reboot of this film, ever, ever.

Reboots are almost like an infection in Hollywood unless they’re done right. Even then it feels like we’re walking over a work of art just to see what’s next up in the gallery.


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