10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Mingyu

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Mingyu

If you’ve never heard of Kim Mingyu, it’s probably because you aren’t familiar with South Korean rap music. He’s a rapper with a K-Pop band called Seventeen, and he’s been a fan favorite for quite some time. Until recently, that is. He’s had some rough times lately, and he’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It’s got fans wanting to know more about him and how he ended up in this situation. It’s not looking good for him at the moment, and people are clamoring to get to know him.

1. He’s in His 20s

His birthday is in April, but his age is a little bit different depending on how you look at it. To the rest of the world, he will turn 24 on his April birthday in 2021. In South Korea, where he is from, he will celebrate his 25th birthday. It’s customary in that country to be one when you are born and turn two on your technical first birthday.

2. He’s Musically Inclined

Of course, considering the fact that he is a rap star. However, we mean he plays many instruments in addition to his vocal talents. He plays the bass guitar, the pian, the clarinet, and he’s a drummer. There seems to be very little he cannot do as a musician, which is why his talent is so paramount.

3. He’s Artistic

In addition to being a musical instrument player and a famous musician with a famous band, he’s also a photographer. He’s the main photographer for his own band, and he showcases his work on his social media accounts. He’s quite talented, which is not surprising when you consider just how into the arts he is. He’s a creative mind, and he seems to enjoy every aspect of the creative part of his life.

4. He Enjoys Cleanliness

And, as a result of his love of cleanliness, he’s earned a rather amusing nickname among his group. They call him the housewife. He likes to cook, he likes to clean, he likes to make sure everything is in pristine condition and that all things are in order. That’s a lovely habit to have, and there’s nothing wrong with any of that.

5. Don’t Call Him Graceful

If you’re going to call Kim Mingyu anything, don’t make it graceful. He’s not. He is clumsy, and it’s something his fans enjoy. The fans find his clumsiness relatable and enjoyable. We suppose that it makes him come across as anything but perfect, and that’s a really good quality in a person people look up to as a star.

6. He’s in Hot Water

Kim Mingyu is not having a good year – and it’s only the beginning of March. He was recently accused of being a middle school bully. Someone online posted that the musician was part of a group of kids that were considered ‘delinquents,’ who were violent with other kids and didn’t treat them well at all. His people have come out to say that these allegations are untrue.

7. He’s in Even Hotter Water

If he thought that the allegations he was a bully in middle school were bad, he really must not be happy with the accusations that he’s sexually harassed people. The people who came forward online and accused him of being a mildly violent middle schooler who smoke, drank, and even stole money from his classmates also included a woman who came out and said that during her time in school with him, he was sexually harassing her. She went as far as to say he even did this in front of their teachers, but no one did anything about it other than tell him to stop that behavior in front of girls.

8. His Accusers are Demanding an Apology

It seems that despite his denial that any of this is true, more and more people who went to school with him in middle school are speaking up; and they want an apology from the star. They want him to come forward, admit what he did, and tell the world he is sorry for his actions and the way that they allege he treated them.

9. He’s the Hairstylist Within the Band

He seems just like he’s the motherly figure, if we are being honest. Within his band, he’s the one who keeps things clean and tidy, he’s the best cook, and it seems that he is the one who is always fixing everyone’s hair. He’s a man who apparently has many talents.

10. He’s Very Private

Despite being a YouTube content creator with his band, a musician, and a famous person all around, he doesn’t share a lot of his personal life with anyone. He’s more apt to share his art and his photographs, his work, and the things that don’t speak too much about the kind of person he is or what he’s doing when he’s not working.

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