3 Things That Did Not Make Sense In Trolls (2016)

credit: Trolls (2016)

Trolls is a 2016 animated film produced by DreamWorks. It featured the plight of little colorful and perpetually-happy creatures with very long hair resembling the tip of a paintbrush. These creatures are called the Trolls, hence the name of the show.

The show had vibes of two to three shows in it, namely, The Smurfs, Home (2016), and A Quiet Place (practically the moral lesson of the film).

It had the vibe of The Smurfs in the sense that the Trolls were little ground creatures as well, with also a defining feature on top of their heads (the Smurfs had their hats, and the Trolls had their hair). Moreover, like The Smurfs, they were always in the crosshairs of an evil entity (entities, for the Trolls) that intended to, for lack of a better term, “consume” them.

The story of the Trolls paralleled that of Home because the protagonistic creatures are always on the run and have to find a new home of their own. However, unlike the Boovs in Home, the Trolls were not cowardly creatures who fled at the first symptom of danger.

How about A Quiet Place? Soon, you will see as we will analyze three events in the film that just wasn’t logical or consistent with what the movie was trying to sell.

credit: Trolls (2016)

3. I wish A Quiet Place was released earlier so that the Trolls were able to watch it

A Quiet Place was released in 2018, around two years after Trolls. If there was something the viewers had learned from the suspense and creepy nature of the film, it was that the characters should stay quiet because they would surely be dead if they didn’t. They had great regard for their life that a woman even gave birth in a bathtub in all silence. Imagine trying to endure that pain of childbirth without releasing any sound.

However, it seemed that the Trolls didn’t have such high regard for their lives as the characters of A Quiet Place did. After they escaped the Bergens in their festivities, they made a new village and settled there. However, they had this holiday commemorating their escape from the Bergens, and they had been celebrating it for around two decades! And how do they celebrate? They take to the streets and party and throw fireworks in the air as if that wasn’t going to uncover their positions to the Bergens who were in the very same forest.

Okay, maybe they only did the fireworks in the twentieth year. But that was still a fatal blunder. It went against the essence of their holiday — their escape to safety from the creatures that attempted to eat them.

Oh, Branch’s grandmother was (presumably) eaten by the Bergens because their singing gave away their location.

If you think the moral lesson of the movie is that you can have happiness within? Nope. Its moral lesson is to shut up to not give away your location to those who want to make your kind extinct.

credit: Trolls (2016)

2. The Bergen kingdom deserved the coup by Chef if it were successful

King Gristle Sr. banished Chef because the Trolls escaped on Trollstice. How was it even her fault?

The Trolls were sentient creatures on their own. They could walk, run, breathe, escape, and do things on their own. It wasn’t as if she was supposed to guard the cage of the Troll Tree.

Now that Chef was planning to take down King Gristle Sr.’s dynasty because of this unjust exile. I can say the kingdom deserved it. It wasn’t her fault!

1. Why didn’t the trolls just escape any night of the year, not during Trollstice?

Trollstice was the holiday that the Bergens used to celebrate their happiness (since they discovered that eating Trolls made them happy). In layman’s terms, Trollstice was a Troll-eating holiday.

Now, why did they have to escape during that very day of the year when their mortal enemies gathered around their habitat and eat their kind? Could they have just done that some other day?

Okay, sure, the Bergens were probably guarding them outside. But could they even do it at night when they had a lot of covers? In the film, they were shown to be escaping underground. They could even do the same but at a different time! What was the significance of doing it when your enemies had all their eyes on you?

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