1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine Movie Goes Up for Auction

1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine Movie Goes Up for Auction


Anyone that’s seen Christine would likely think that owning this car would be something of a bad omen since the history behind it is something that, despite being fictional, is still kind of creepy given how the movie went down. The Plymouth Fury is just one of many that were used on the set since there were a few cars that were so insanely torn up for effect that trying to bring them back to this type of appearance would have tested even the most talented body shop. But the car you see above was used for the best shots in the movie to show just how impressive it could look once it was all spiffed up and ready to hit the road. The interior, as shown by Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb, is immaculate and is bound to take a person back to the 1950s when this care was considered royalty on the road. In fact one might almost claim that it still is given that it’s one of the classics that a lot of people still hold in high regard. But again, the nature of the story that utilized this beauty is something that might have people cringing even knowing that it was just a story since the dire implications of what happened to poor Arnie in the book and the movie are pretty grim.

One can easily get the idea that Stephen King has something against inanimate objects or at least a fear of them in some regard since Christine and From a Buick 8 and a few other short stories that he’s written utilize cars in a way that’s downright psycho. Jeffrey Call Jr. of HotCars has a few things to disclose about this that you might find interesting. Even Mr. Mercedes uses a car as a vehicle of mass destruction even if it wasn’t possessed, so the car in a King a story is hardly ever just a car since things tend to happen in them, around them, and because of them in ways that likely appall the average moviegoer and reader. Be that as it may however there’s always been something intoxicating about the story of Christine since it introduces the bond between a young man and his car in a way that’s almost seductive since Christine takes hold of Arnie in a way that’s hard to explain since it’s something that happens gradually and continues to reshape and mold him into an image that he would have never fit upon buying the vehicle. By the time Arnie’s number is up however Christine has had her way with him and the damage has been done. What she demands of Arnie is so seductive and so insidious that he doesn’t even realize it’s happening and doesn’t even tend to realize it at the end when he’s so devoted to her that he’s no longer himself. Christine is the kind of book and movie that gave people nightmares really, but it still stands out as one of King’s most loved books from his early days.

If a person has around four to five hundred thousand in their pocket they would drive this sweet ride home and make it part of their collection, while the rest of us sit in envy and possibly a bit of relief that it’s not ours since as I said it’s a bit creepy even if its reputation came from fiction. There are some nuts out there that might even want the cars that were torn apart, but it’s likely that they were taken off for scrap or rebuilt the best they could be. Imagine someone bidding on the car that was used to cut one of the bullies from the movie in half. That particular vehicle was rammed repeatedly and crushed so badly at the sides as it tried to enter a narrower space to conduct its murderous business that buffing it out and reshaping the metal would have likely taken a magician with a lot of time and even more patience. It’s easier to think that once the cars were totaled they were sold off for scrap and that was that. It’s amusing to think though that someone might have wanted to bid on the crushed metal cube that Christine was turned into by the end of the movie, the same one that was ominously trying to reform itself right before the credits started to roll. Jeff Peek of Hagerty has a few facts on hand that people might not have known about the famed car.

Anyone willing to buy this car and that has the money is going to own a piece of movie history by the end of the bidding since the moment anyone mentions the name Christine there are still a lot of people that won’t need any further explanation of what’s being discussed. Of course there are plenty of people that wouldn’t think twice about staying out of the car in the first place but all in all it does look pretty impressive and if you can get over the terror it inspired it might be a fun ride.

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