17 Funniest Moments from The League Season 4

the league season 4 funniest moments

“The League” was a show on FX that featured a group of very obnoxious and obsessive fantasy football fans and the lengths to which they went to in order to get ahead of each other. The cast featured a not-so-well-known cast of actors but they were all known in their own domains. From YouTube and podcasts to Comedy Central appearances and now Netflix shows and specials, Nick Kroll and the other actors have been all over the place but have held their own unique personalities to add to their comedy and acting. Below, we’re going to rank the funniest moments from season 4 of “The League” and do some deep dives into those moments and break down the characters in those moments as well.

17. Pete and Andre Encounter Gina in the Parking Garage

At the start of the list of funniest moments from “The League” season 4 we have a moment featuring Andre and Pete as they enter a parking garage and encounter Gina Gibiatti and was not pleasant, as she never has been. When the two encounter Gina she immediately boxed Andre’s side of the car in with her unnecessarily large SUV. As if that wasn’t enough of Gina right away, she continues to insult the two, especially Andre, as she proceeded to walk through the parking garage. While Andre and Pete both exclaimed that she was the worst, you could see that Pete was looking at Gina in a different way. Although in the show we learned that Pete always had some sort of twisted crush on the bully.

16. Woman’s Self Defense

In the final episode of season 4 of “The League”, one of the less funny but still among the funniest moments from the show, Rafi is teaching a self-defense class for Women, surprisingly. Although surprising that Rafi was teaching a class specifically for women to defend themselves when he himself is a violent, strange man, it wasn’t surprising to see that Rafi doesn’t really know much of anything and his reasonings for even something like this are as outlandish as they come. Overall, in this moment Rafi was teaching several women, his sister, Ruxin’s wife included, how to protect themselves but eventually, Ruxin ended up walking in and obstructing Rafi’s obscure class.

15. The Body Shows Up at The Tailgate

In season 4, the members of “The League” are tailgating a Chicago Cubs game, and just when they thought that they were going to be having a nice day outside together, and not with anyone uninvited, they get uninvited guests in the parking lot. The unexpected guests seem to increase quite fast after the appearance of the first, causing the whole gang, except Jenny to be filled with rage. However, as emergencies came and Ruxin needed the RV’s bathroom of the jerks that they have had consistent problems with since high school, he discovered that the men had a peephole installed and were watching Jenny as she used the bathroom. These events didn’t go over well with Kevin or the rest of the guys, and the situation with “The Seed” and others only increased.

14. Gina Gibiani Restaurant Part 2

Landing on our list again, one of the funniest moments from “The League” season 4 featured Gina Gibiatti and Pete one of of their dates with the group of friends from “The League” and since everyone except Jenny went to school together, the guys in the group outside of Pete are not too thrilled of this relationship. In the part 2 moment mentioned below, Pete and the rest of the table tore Andre apart for his magic and his band, and then to make it worse, they decided to show Gina Andre’s podcast which led to GIna wanting to take Pete somewhere more private.

13. Gina Gibiani Restaurant Part 1

As stated above, our part 2 clip of one of the funniest moments from “The League” season 4, featured Gina Gibitatti at dinner with Pete and his friends while on a date. Although from the same episode, the moments are separated by quite the difference in scenarios. While Gina is certainly nasty in both moments, the difference in the moments made the first moment to be the overall funniest clip of the two. However, compared to the rest of the list these moments, including the earlier moments that featured Gina as well, just don’t compare with the other in terms of the funniest moments from “The League” season 4.

12. Ruxin Apologizes to Wasley-San

Throughout the third episode of season 4 of “The League”, we presented with several of the funniest moments from the season, featuring Ruxin and a new sushi chef at a restaurant he visited with Kevin. Throughout the episode, Ruxin had very interesting encounters with the sushi chef, played by Timothy Olyphant and as the episode went on Ruxin became quite the Ruxin indeed and continued to be suspicious of the chef and verbally abuse him at every chance. However, in this specific funniest moment of “The League” season 4, Ruxin is apologizing for his previous behavior.

11. Leg Titties

One of the funniest moments from “The League” season 4 featured yet another guest appearance from an actor, this time around brought an altercation between Andre and the actor instead of Ruxin, who is usually the aggressive one. However, in this specific moment, Andre gets in an argument with a character portrayed by comedian JB Smoove, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. The character portrayed by JB Smoove is bound to a wheelchair and is fighting with Pete over a pair of shoes that he had previously got beaten out of by the character. Later, featured in the moment below, Pete attempted to steal the shoes from the character while they were on his feet since he believed he wouldn’t feel it.

10. Ruxin Discovers the Truth

One of many moments that we considered to be among the funniest moments from “The League” season 4, as stated above featured the white sushi chef portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, and in this particular moment, Ruxin discovered that it wasn’t Wesley-San that poisoned him but rather a serious medical condition that was completely unrelated to the sushi. Ruxin started with a conversation with the homeowner of the house that showed Ruxin already enraged and it was proved when Ruxin charged at the sushi chef and demanded that he was the reason for his sickness. Eventually, Ruxin was in so much pain that he dropped to the ground, still accusing the chef of poisoning him, until Andre, with medical experience, assured Ruxin that he had appendicitis and not food poisoning. Even through all of Ruxin’s pain, he was still arrogant enough to ask if he was still banned from the restaurant, in which Wesley-San answered quite appropriately.

9. Rafi Last Step of Self-Defense

In the last episode of “The League” season 4, Rafi, as stated above, is teaching women’s self-defense classes and the moment below is Rafi’s last step of his class. In the moment below we’ve ranked one of the funniest from season 4 of “The League” Rafi demonstrates one of several moves upon Pete from his self-defense class but even after he used the move on Pete and severely pissed him off, Rafi carried it even further by starting an argument about “forcing yourself” to go to the bathroom on someone who may be attacking you.

8. Ruxin VS Mall Manager

Moments that filled up the uppermost portion of our “The League” funniest moments from season 4 list were the moments between Nick Kroll’s character Ruxin and Bob Odenkirk’s character for the episode, the mall manager. Throughout the episode, Ruxin, who was seen as the Scrooge of the episode, was in a Christmas war against the mall manager and as shown below, brought quite the amount of chaos to the manager’s job. Overall, Ruxin exploded because he doesn’t like Christmas music but the conversation evolved into Ruxin calling the manager out for being racist against Ruxin because he’s Jewish.

7. The Naming of Chalupa Batman

What was, unfortunately, the only official Taco song from season 4 of “The League”, it may be the most important song as it had to do with the birth of his newest nephew, Chalupa Batman. The name Chalupa Batman actually came from a bet within the league and of course, the name was finalized with the loss as Taco even brought in a cowboy to the delivery of the baby as he believed that Cowboys make everything sound better. Somehow throughout the previous season, Taco acquired the 1st round pick to draft and ended up trading it for the ultimate reward: naming his first nephew Chalupa Batman.

6. Rafi Takes Baby Geoffrey to Swim Class

Rafi was certainly instantly pinned down as many, many things throughout “The League” but a babysitter or a swim teacher or even a chaperone didn’t seem like anything that Rafi could, or would, ever be. However, in this moment from season 4 of “The League”, we saw Rafi do just that and it became one of the funniest moments of the season as Rafi attempted to turn the class into self-defense as his brain was just wired for aggressive actions. Overall, Ruxin decided to let Rafi take Geoffrey to swim class and the conversation led to Ruxin drilling into him about four rules that he must follow, due to Rafi being an over idiot and incapable of doing most things correctly.

5. Ruxin and Kevin Meet Wesley-San

A moment from season 4 of “The League” that we ranked as one of the funniest was one of several that featured Wesley-San when he met Ruxin and Kevin. From this point forward, Ruxin had quite the enemy Timothy Olyphant’s character as he was featured in several scenes from this moment on. Usually, we didn’t see Ruxin and Kevin dining together, at least not without the other guys or their wives but it makes sense to see them together since they are both lawyers. However, in this moment, the two not only had a failed attempt at dining together at a Japanese restaurant but were always called racist for not wanting to have a white chef at a Japanese restaurant.

4. 12:12:12

Rafi being influenced by the end of The Mayan Calendar being related to the end of the world was easily expected however, Rafi always took things beyond serious and made the worst of every possible situation. When it came to the common myth of The Mayan Calendar, the world-ending rumor was that the modern world was predicted to end on December 12th, 2012, as it was the final date engraved into The Mayan Calendar. In this particular moment, Rafi explains his version of the end of the world but he seemed to think Taco and Brian would survive longer than anyone else, except Andre. Andre would apparently be kept alive and “rented out and used for currency”.

3. Ruxin Meets Wesley-San’s Wife

For our second to last clip that featured Wesley-San, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, we thought the moment from season 4 of “The League” where Ruxin met Wesley-San’s wife was among the funniest. While the moment wasn’t ranked the funniest moment overall or even the funniest featuring a guest appearance from the actor, it was still among the funniest due to the range of emotions we see with Ruxin in the said moment.

2. Krampus

When it came to season 4 of “The League”, it appeared that among the funniest was almost always a guest featured appearance, such as the moment below that featured Bob Odenkirk, among others on our list of funniest moments from the FX show. In this final moment on our list that featured Bob Odenkirk, we ranked the moment in which Ruxin actually enlisted Taco to help him turn his usual Mr. Mcgibblets costume into a Krampus costume. Although Taco only made it more of a Santa-themed Mr. Mcgibblets costume, he took the character quite literally and took on a bit of a Gozilla persona, destroying everything in his path.

1. The Brown Note

The final moment on our ranked list of funniest moments from season 4 of “The League” was the epic season finale and overall conclusion to Taco’s grand plan to execute the famed brown note. When the time came for Taco to have unleashed his grand plan, he had an array of players performing the so-called brown note on several vuvuzelas and as sure as anything strange Taco does, they greatly achieved the brown note. Now the brown note was not only a supposed impossible and myth of note to play but it also supposedly caused anyone to hear it to unwillingly soil themselves. As epic as most events planned and purposed in any way by Taco, this moment earned the rank of the funniest moment from season 4 of “The League”.

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