10 Things You Don’t Know About Malorie Beaver

10 Things You Don’t Know About Malorie Beaver
10 Things You Don’t Know About Malorie Beaver

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Malorie Beaver’s name is in the press for all the wrong reasons. The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant kind-of star has been through the wringer over the years. She had a baby when she was a teenager, her daughter’s father is no longer with her, and she has been accused of abusing animals. Her name is regularly in the press, and she’s someone the world wants to know more about. Who is Teen Mom star Malorie Beaver?

1. She’s a 90s Kid

It’s hard to imagine that she was born in the 90s, but Teen Mom has been on the air for a long time. Malorie Beaver was born on September 13, 1999. She didn’t grow up in the 90s, though. She spent a few months living as a newborn in the decade before the new millennium arrived. She’s from Tennessee.

2. Her Baby’s Father is Dead

Even though her relationship with her daughter’s father did not work out, she didn’t want to see things end this way. Her child’s father is Lane Fernandez, who died in June 2022 at 28. His death was untimely and tragic, and his wife and two children survived him. There is no official cause of death that we can find, but we do know that his son was only three weeks of age at the time of his death.

3. Her Daughter is Now Three

She was 19 when she got pregnant, and she is now 22. She gave birth to her daughter, Emerson, as a teen. She’s a darling little blonde who seems very happy. Though she is part of the show because her own aunt was a star, little Emerson and her mother have gotten much press from it.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Malorie Beaver

credit @mal91399

4. Malorie Beaver’s Ex’s Wife Has Nothing Nice to Say

Her ex was married with a newborn baby at home, and it seems Lane Fernandez’s wife is not a fan of Malorie Beaver. “Emmy has a father and a stepmother that care about her so much and love her unconditionally. Malorie chooses to let her jealousy get in the way of her child’s happiness, and that’s not only sad, but low as a mother,” is what Rose says about her late husband’s ex. It seems that there are some custody issues going on, and it also appears that there is a lot of animosities. Beaver has been accused in the past of not allowing her ex to see her father, and it’s been a mess.

5. She Announced Her Pregnancy in 2022

Malorie Beaver is expecting her second child. She made the announcement online via her Instagram stories over the course of the fourth of July. She also asked her fans to come to give her money if they saw her. She snapped a selfie and captioned it, “They got my pregnant a** on the lawn today yall come see me & given me all the $$$$,” before posting. She’s since shared an ultrasound photo.

6. She is Having a Boy

The internet was thrilled when Malorie Beaver’s mom posted a video online of a gender reveal box of fireworks. Upon lighting the box, everything turned blue. It seems this young family is welcoming their very first boy, and everyone is thrilled about it. The baby belongs to Malorie’s boyfriend, Achilles.

7. Fans Are Concerned About Photo Details

The internet is abuzz with worry. Some believe that Malorie Beaver was hiding a vape pen in her mouth with her hand when she announced her pregnancy on her first Instagram story. Others are more concerned about the fact that the gender reveal party fireworks box appears to be topped with a beer. What it comes down to is that many people who follow this family’s drama tend to assume the worst.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Malorie Beaver

credit @mal91399

8. She was Accused of Animal Abuse…and It was Ridiculous

When her daughter was two, she posted a photo of her daughter sitting on the family dog. She captioned the photo that the two are the best of friends. The internet immediately began accusing her of being an animal abuser because she allowed her daughter to sit on the back of her dog. Of course, we are shocked they weren’t accusing her of putting her baby in danger by allowing her to sit on the back of a ‘dangerous animal’ because that’s one the internet seems to throw out regularly. Honestly, people will find something to complain about.

9. She Was Arrested for DUI

When she was only 20 (in 2020), she was arrested for driving under the influence. She was, quite frankly, lucky to be alive after drinking and driving and crashing her car into a tree. The officer who approached the scene of the accident was able to smell the alcohol. The officer also reported the reality star was intoxicated to the point she allegedly could not understand him.

10. She Does Not Respect Her Mother

She’s made it quite clear that her relationship with her mother, Stephanie, is not a good one. In fact, she even accused her mother of calling Child Protective Services on her for leaving her baby with a sitter she doesn’t know. She denied the claims, and she shared her story online via Snapchat. She also made it clear that it’s reasons like these she and her mother do not get along well.

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