10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kendall Vertes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kendall Vertes

Not every child has so much talent doing something specific. Some are good at one thing, some are good at another, and some are just decent at many things but don’t have any exceptional talent. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people are just destined for big things and others will live quiet lives that are relatively ‘normal’ and unremarkable. Kendall Vertes is one of the former. She’s a dancing star who excels on the stage, and she grew up sharing her talent with the rest of the world. She’s famous for her time on “Dance Moms,” and the world has been familiar with her for years.

1. She is Young

She is only 18. She was born on December 9, 2002, which means that she’s going to celebrate her 19th birthday in 2021. She’s still so young, yet we’ve all been familiar with her for so many years. It’s hard to believe she was so young when she began her reality television career, and now she’s into adulthood – yet still a teen.

2. She is from Pennsylvania

She was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She was born in Township, and that is where she grew up. She spent a lot of time traveling for dance as a child, but she is ultimately home here.

3. She Just Graduated High School

She is a brand-new graduate. She graduated from high school in 2021. She attended the Penn Trafford High School in her hometown, and she got to celebrate with her friends and family following a weird pandemic year.

4. Her Middle Name is Interesting

If you have a middle name, it’s probably something less remarkable than your first. However, you have a full middle name. Kendall K Vertes has a very unique middle name in that it is literally just the letter K. She’s not Kendall K. Vertes. She’s Kendall K Vertes. The K symbolizes her cousins.

5. She Was a Young Dancer

We won’t go so far as to call her the youngest dancer ever, though it does seem like she could be. She was only 18 months of age when she began dancing. Her talent was immense at even that young age, and her family recognized that.

6. She Has Dreams

The brand-new college grad is going to do big things with her life, beginning with an attempt to work on Broadway. She wants to dance and act on stage, but she has a backup plan if that does not work. If she’s not on Broadway, she’s going to dental school. She’ll become a dentist and likely open her own practice.

7. She’s Athletic

In addition to dance, Kendall is a young woman who likes to participate in many sports. In high school, she was part of her school’s golf team. She is someone who has a lot of talent in many areas of her life, but especially in the sports arena. She’s athletic in every manner of speaking.

8. She is the Baby of the Family

Kendall is the baby of the family. Her mom and dad have three kids in total, and she is one of three girls. She is also the baby. Her sisters are Ryleigh and Charlotte, but Kendall is the baby. This is very likely the reason her parents were able to focus so much of their time, effort, and energy into handling her dance schedule – the other girls were older and a bit more independent.

9. She Homeschooled for A While

When she was heavily focused on her dancing and her traveling, she had to leave school behind. She needed to continue her education, but she needed to do so in a way that allowed her to focus on her schoolwork on her own schedule. Her mother switched her over to a homeschool schedule, and she maintained that way of life for nearly three years until she returned to regular school in 2017.

10. She is a Leftie

It seems that while so many people are left-handed, not that many people are really left-handed. She is, and it’s been a cool trait for her. People are always amused when someone writes and lives their life with the hand opposite of their own, and she gets a lot of attention in different areas of her life for being a leftie. As the mother of a leftie myself, I can attest to the fact that it’s amazing how many people comment on it, ask where she got it from, and want to talk about it. It’s interesting.

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