10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mr Beast

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his YouTube username Mr. Beast, is only 24 years old and is already one of the site’s most popular and well-compensated content providers. He’s done things like give away a million dollars and give people one minute to spend it, turn a backyard into a ball pit, and buy everything in a store. He has amassed an incredible 100 million subscribers thanks to his daring challenges and generous rewards. Here are the top 10 facts about Mr. Beast that you might not know yet. 

10. Mr. Beast Started YouTube At Just 13 Years Old In February 2012

Mr Beast Hi Me In 5 Years

credit: Mr. Beast

The youngster first gained online notoriety for his films under the moniker “Mr. Beast6000” on YouTube. Donaldson spent the first few years trying to game the YouTube algorithm by making the kinds of videos he figured would have the broadest appeal.

9. He Spent Years Trying To Crack The YouTube Algorithm

Mr Beast H3 Podcast

credit: H3 Podcast

8. The Crazy Videos Mr. Beast Did To Gain Followers

Mr. Beast’s “worst intros” series, in which he compiled and made fun of the poorest openings to YouTube channels he found, helped him develop a following in 2015 and 2016. There were 30,000 Mr. Beast fans by the middle of 2016.

7. Mr. Beast Didn’t Finish College To Focus On YouTube

Mr Beast Night Media

credit: Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast reportedly started college in late 2016, though information about his studies is scarce. The YouTuber claimed he dropped out of college after only two weeks, telling his mother, “I’d rather be poor than do anything but YouTube.” He said his mother, who “loves me and simply wanted me to be successful,” forced him to leave North Carolina when he was 18.

6. His Role Models

Elon Musk Getty

credit: Mr. Beast

Donaldson’s otherwise unremarkable workplace and living area are decorated with paintings of successful businessmen Steve Jobs and Elon Musk (including one of Musk, procured on Amazon, dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte). Donaldson adds of Musk, “I don’t endorse or look up to anything he does or how he handles people.” However, when it comes to business and growing wealth, there are certainly much worse people to admire. Elon Musk also recently joked that when he dies, he will give Mr. Beast ownership of Twitter.

5. Mr. Beast’s Childhood Memories

Mr Beast Early Video

credit: Mr. Beast

Donaldson claims he has no clear recollections of his early life. A lot of this, he says, is due to his natural business spirit. He believes himself to be a highly futuristic person. Let the past die. It has already transpired. In other words, I’m out to rule the future. Even though his mother keeps every piece of memorabilia from his old videos in a huge warehouse, he has never visited it.

4. His Mom Didn’t Know He Was Making YouTube Videos

Mr Beast And Mother

credit: Mr. Beast

Sue was shocked to learn from a yearbook entry that he had been creating films for YouTube. They remark, “I was a typical parent,” and she affirms that. To paraphrase, “I was quite worried about the world.” However, her worries subsided once Donaldson assured her he was profiting from his channel. Still, she insisted that Jimmy continue his education beyond high school. Donaldson agreed to go to community college but claims he never showed up to a single class and quit in the middle of the first semester.

3. His First Giveaway

Mr Beast Giveaway Thumbnail

credit: Mr. Beast

Donaldson’s first brand agreement came right after he hit 750,000 subscribers and moved into a modest house with his best friend, Chris Tyson. He didn’t blow the money on frivolous things but instead made a YouTube video in which he gave a homeless individual a check for $10,000.

2. How Much Money Mr. Beast Spends On Videos

Mr Beast Money

credit: Mr. Beast

Donaldson’s budget for his videos has increased alongside his rapidly growing subscriber base. Most of today’s models have an astronomical production cost of $1 million or more, making just a tiny fraction of them worthwhile. Donalson’s “gaming” and “reacts” channels, which feature the lads and are produced cheaply, significantly subsidize the main channel. “I could be doing videos for less money,” Donaldson says. But I don’t feel like it. If I can go even further, I will.

1. Mr. Beast’s Most Expensive Video

Mr Beast Squid Game Thumbnail

credit: Mr. Beast

After spending roughly $4 million recreating the Netflix series Squid Game (although without the excessive violence) and awarding the winner $456,000 during a grueling game of musical chairs in late 2021, Donaldson’s superhuman skill at conquering YouTube made headlines throughout the world. More than 225 million people have seen the video since it was uploaded.

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