10 Things You Don’t Know About Julia Garner

10 Things You Don’t Know About Julia Garner
10 Things You Don’t Know About Julia Garner

Credit: @juliagarnerofficial

It is award season, which means that we are only just getting started with the award nods. Julia Garner, Ozark’s hit star, won Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series at the Golden Globes in 2023, and she earned it. She won for her outstanding role in Ozark, but she was nominated in more than one category for more than one show. She also portrayed the title character in the show Inventing Anna and was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series. Garner lost to Amanda Seyfried’s outstanding performance in The Dropout, which was also a wonderfully deserved win. However, now that we know she’s killing it following her final season in Ozark, we thought we’d bring you a few things you didn’t already know about Julia Garner.

1. How Old is Julia Garner?

What we love about Julia Garner is that she’s amassed such recognition at such a young age. She’s only 28. She was born on February 1, 1984, in New York. She was born in the Bronx, and she grew up there, too. Neither one of her parents is from New York, though. Her mother is originally from Israel. Her father is from Ohio.

2. Her Mother is Quite Successful

Julia Garner’s mother was a successful actress in her own right. She acted in Israel before she came to America. She was also a comedian, and she is quite famous there. Her name is Tami Gingold. In America, however, she is a therapist. What we know about her is that she’s successful in anything she does.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Julia Garner

Credit: @juliagarnerofficial

3. She Understands a Second Language

She does not speak a second language. However, her mother does. She speaks Hebrew. As a result, Julia Garner understands Hebrew and what her mother is saying to her, but she is not fluent. She might know a few things and can carry on a decent conversation. However, it’s her mother who is fluent in the ancient language.

4. She Turned to Acting to Get Over Being Shy

She was 15 when she began taking acting lessons. The point of her acting lessons was not to fulfill a dream of being an actress. It was to help her get over being so shy. She was shy to the point that she needed something to help her get out of that state of mind. When she began lessons, she likely had no idea she’d become so confident in herself and lose her shyness to the point she would become famous.

5. She Studied Psychology

Like her mother, she is a woman of many talents. Her mother was an actress and comedian turned therapist, and Julia Garner is the opposite. She studied psychology in college, and that’s what she has her degree in. However, Garner has not utilized her degree to work in psychology. She’s so successful on television that she’s not looking to go that route. Perhaps one day, she might.

6. She Acted Before Ozark

Ozark is undoubtedly the role that made her famous, but it is not the role that she landed first. She’s been acting since she was 17. She landed the role of Ruth in Ozark in 2017 when she was 23. She acted for many years before she took on this major job, but she did some other very successful work.

7. She’s Married

She married her husband, Mark Foster, in 2019. They were engaged for eight months before their wedding, which she loved. If you think you recognize his name, you do. He’s a musician – and the lead singer – of the band Foster the People. He may not be an actor, but he is in the entertainment industry. He understands the demands of his wife’s job.

8. She Thanked Her Husband in Her Acceptance Speech

When her name was called at the 2023 Golden Globes, the first thing she did was lean over to kiss her husband. He beamed with pride. She thanked all of the people she wanted to thank, and then she shouted out her husband in her speech. “My husband, Mark, I love you,” she said to him before she exited the stage with her new award.

9. Julia Garner Has Specific Feelings About Her Character in Inventing Anna

10 Things You Don’t Know About Julia Garner

Credit: @juliagarnerofficial

Anna was, as we all know by now, a real person who did all of these things. When she took the role of Anna, it was important for her not to judge the character. She tried to get into the mindset of the person who would do these things, and Garner came up with a simple concept. Garner feels that Anna’s entire lie was based on a fear of failure, which came from her fear of being rejected, which stems from her not being comfortable with herself and the person she is. She does not feel that Anna intended to let things get this far, but she did feel that she was in too deep, and the lies became worse over time.

10. She Loves Her Ozark Family

She spent five years working with Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and the rest of her Ozark family, but she feels they are really family. It’s a cliché to say that, of course, and she knows it. Her time on the set was so special to her. Even though she played a character who had such a depressing situation to live through, she found a way to make it fun and light. She hated to say goodbye to her character and to the show.

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