10 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

10 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Wife
10 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Credit: @elsapataky

When it comes to Chris Hemsworth’s wife, the world wants to know everything. First and foremost, he’s one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. She’s beautiful. They’ve got gorgeous kids, and they’ve been together forever. So, who is Chris Hemsworth’s wife? Her name is Elsa Pataky, and we have a few things to share with you that you might not already know.

1. She is Not Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky is not her birth name. In fact, she was born Elsa Lafuente Medianu. She chooses to use a different name rather than the name she was given at birth. Why? Because she prefers to use a stage name that honors someone very important to her. Her grandmother – her mother’s mother – is Rosa Pataky. She uses her name as a tribute to her.

2. She’s Older Than Her Husband

While Chris Hemsworth was born in 1983, Elsa Pataky was born several years before her husband. In fact, she was born seven years before her husband. Her birthday is July 18, 1976. He’s still in his 30s, but she’s in her mid-40s. You’d never know looking at her, though.

3. She Sued a Company for Taking Inappropriate Photos of Her

She sued a publishing group in 2012. She took the Ediciones Zeta group to court in Spain when she realized that they had taken illegal photos of her while she was changing her clothes. She was in the midst of an Elle Magazine photo shoot when the company did something horrible. They used a special lens that took photos at a distance so they could photograph her while she changed her clothes. It’s a gross violation of her privacy, among many other things. She won the lawsuit. Thank goodness.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Credit: @elsapataky

4. She Dated Some Famous Men

It might seem as if she and Chris Hemsworth have been together forever, but they’re only 12 years into their marriage and relationship. They met in early 2010, they got married during the Christmas holiday of 2010, and it’s been 12 years. Before that, though, she dated some other famous guys. She was with actor Adrien Brody for three years. She also dated a French actor by the name of Michael Youn for two years.

5. Her Family is Successful

If she knows a thing or two about hard work, it’s because her parents taught her. She is the daughter of a biochemist and a publicist. Her father is Spanish, and he’s a biochemist. Her mother is Romanian. She also has a brother who works hard. His name is Cristian, and he is a cinematographic director. We don’t know what that means, but it sounds like it requires talent and skill.

6. She Speaks Many Languages

She is not bilingual. She is multilingual. She was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, so Spanish is her first language. However, she also speaks fluent Romanian, English, Italian, French, and Portuguese. If you’re counting, she is fluent in six languages. Some of us can barely master the one we’ve been speaking of since childhood.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Wife

Credit: @elsapataky

7. She’s a Model and Actress

If you are wondering how she knows all the most famous men in the world, it’s because she’s in the same business. She’s a model and an actress. In fact, she’s been in several shows and movies. She even did some work with Cristiano Ronaldo at one point in her modeling career. Most of her films are Spanish films, however, which means most of us haven’t seen them.

8. She’s a Proud Mother

She and her husband have three kids. One little girl and two little boys. Their boys are twins, and the family is currently living in Australia. They spent some time living and working in Los Angeles, but the family moved back to her husband’s native Australia in 2015. However, they do spend a lot of time traveling.

9. She Had a Famous Sister-in-Law

We don’t know much about their relationship, but did you know that her own brother-in-law is Liam Hemsworth? We thought it was common knowledge the actors were brothers, but it seems many people are unaware. This means that for a time, Miley Cyrus was her own sister-in-law. We don’t know how she feels about that, either.

10. She is Not Tall

Honestly, we didn’t think anyone would care that she’s five foot, three inches tall, but she’s a model. It’s almost unheard of to find a model who is this short. Many models are taller than 5’10. We thought this was interesting.

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