10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Power

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Power

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole Power

When Nicole Power first took the role of Shannon in Kim’s Convenience, she had no idea what might happen. She didn’t know she’d end up spending nearly five years working on that show, dealing with COVID, the show ending, and then finding out that her own character is getting a spinoff show of her own. She had no clue what would happen, but this actress is just over here living her best life, and we have everything you need to know.

1. She is Canadian

Most people are unaware that she was born and raised in Canada. She is from a place called Middle Cove. It’s located in Newfoundland and Labrador, which is not something we are overly familiar with. However, her Canadian heritage is something she is proud of, and she looks back fondly on her childhood growing up in Canada.

2. She is an 80s Baby

She just made it into the little bit of the 80s that was left before the 90s rolled in and the new millennium took over. She was born on November 24, 1989. She is a holiday baby all the way, but thankfully, the Canadians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (at least not for the same reason as Americans nor in the same month), so her birthday never falls on the holiday.

3. She is a College Grad

She is well-educated, and her college choices make us believe she knew her entire life she might be an actress when she grew up. She was a student at the Sheridan College Musical Theater. She also belonged to a group called the Second City Conservatory, and she is also part of a theater called the Soulpepper Academy.

4. She is a Stage Actress

For many years after she graduated from college, she was a stage actress. This is not easy work, but it will teach you so much about what you need to know going into the world of acting on television. She’s quick to learn her lines after being in the theater – if we had to guess.

5. She is a Comedian

At the end of the day, her main role in life is that of a comedian. She’s funny, and she brings her A-game to work each and every day. The show she is most famous for is called Kim’s Convenience, and she is a star. She is hilarious in her portrayal of the character Shannon, and she’s so good that her show was ending, but then it was brought back – kind of. Did she do this all on her own? No, but she and her costars are just that funny.

6. She Had Some Issues with A Costar

When she was on Kim’s Convenience, she worked with a man by the name of Simu Liu. He was a costar, and he was also someone who came out and allegedly said some unkind things when their show was cancelled and she was able to take her own character over to another show of her own called Strays. Essentially, he was unhappy that a non-Asian character is the one who got her own show.

7. She is Very Eloquent

When she was asked about her former costars’ words and the things he said about being disappointed that a non-Asian got her own show, this Canadian actress had nothing but lovely things to say. She absolutely took the high road. She talked only of her pride in his new Marvel superhero movie, in the work that he is doing, and of the friendship that they had while filming. She’s nothing if not pure class.

8. She’s Loving Her New Show

We’ve talked about it twice now, but it’s time to talk about it all the way through. Her rental car clerk character (say that 10 times fast), Shannon, might no longer have a show called Kim’s Convenience, but she’s got her own show now. It’s called Strays, and she is so excited to work with so many of the same people from the former cast and crew.

9. She’s Kind of Private

She might be pretty darn famous, but she keeps a lot to herself. What she’s up to in her personal life is not really anyone’s business, and she likes to keep it that way. She’s not mean about it, but she is really good about keeping to herself.

10. She is a Dog Woman

She is a dog owner, and we love it. She has a dog called Kobe. She rescued him. She calls him a little Greyhound and a little German Shepherd, and a lot of love. She loves that she gets to spend her life with her dog, and she even has a picture of him up on the set of her new show – you can see if you know where to look.

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