20 Things You Didn’t Know about Lisa Bonet

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Lisa Bonet

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is hard to describe using just conventional words since she’s more like an abstract idea that is painted as a radiant and beautiful picture with ideals that transcend what people can see and go far beyond what a lot of people might think of her. She’s not just a pretty face and gorgeous body as she wants to be seen and regarded as much more than what can be captured on screen and translate it into something that will give people meaning rather than something fun and entertaining to look at. In other words she’s a very deep person that isn’t all about consumerism and wants to give something real and filled with passion to the world. That’s a great ideal to live up to and it’s one that a lot of people would agree with but it’s also something that might be ahead of its time, at least for now. But it’s always nice to aspire to, as it is an ideal that sounds highly appealing.

Here are a few other things you might not have known about Lisa.

1. There’s a Lenny Kravitz song about her.

Since she was married to Lenny Kravitz for a while it’s not too surprising to hear that he wrote a song about her. The two do have a strong connection as they have a child between them, which insures that they’ll be in one another’s life in some respect for a long, long time to come.

2. She had her name legally changed in the 90s.

Lisa changed her name to Lilakoi Moon, which is quite exotic and has a faint ring to it that’s kind of nice, but she still uses the name Lisa Bonet when it comes to the media in order that people might still recognize who she is.

3. Lisa doesn’t own a TV or allow one in her home.

This might be shocking to some people but some folks really don’t care to let media into their home since they consider it a manipulation of the senses that they can’t abide. In truth TV is not an evil or negative thing unless it’s all a person focuses on, in which case the real world begins to seem a little less appealing at times if one can just flip the channel and enjoy another view.

4. She does value her privacy.

This could probably be said of a lot of celebrities since their lives are often placed in full view of the public and scrutinized by people they’ll never meet. But the privacy of a celebrity is something that goes for a high dollar price, and getting it is one thing while keeping it is something else entirely.

5. Lisa states that she was the black sheep of her family.

Almost every family has one black sheep among them no matter the severity of such a stigma. Someone will always buck against the family values or find their own way in life no matter how it has to happen. It’s a very common occurrence, especially in bigger families.

6. She loves religion but doesn’t ascribe to one set belief.

This means that she would rather believe without having the rules, the doctrines, and the many ways in which to worship foisted upon her, as has become kind of prominent in past years. Religion is great and all, but forcing rules upon people one after the other in an attempt to keep them corralled doesn’t equate to religious freedom or even peace of mind all the time.

7. She and Jason Momoa were together for 12 years before they were married.

This seems like a very long courting period, but then again some people want to be sure that they’re compatible before they’re married, or they simply enjoy having someone in their life without having the pressures of marriage laid upon them right away.

8. Lisa spends a lot of time talking to at-risk kids.

For as much time as she spends talking to teens about their lives and the choices they have versus the choices they make it would seem that she really does care and wants to make a positive difference in their lives. This is a great way to at least try to get through to kids about the consequences of the things they do and what can happen later in life if they don’t change their ways.

9. She admits that her time on the Cosby show was a big moment in her life.

The Cosby Show was, after all, a very big hit and those that that managed to become part of it rode the success for a very long time it seemed. But as of now it’s in the past and that’s where she intends to keep it.

10. Lisa is still on good terms with her ex.

This is an important part of life when having to deal with an ex, as it’s better for their child and better overall for her relationship with her family in general. It’s better, not always easier, to remain friendly at least, so as to keep the peace between family members.

11. Born in San Francisco, CA

Bonet was born in San Francisco, CA, which is one of those cities that need minimal introduction. It is interesting to note that the city is home to a wide range of theater companies and other performers, including some who can be counted among the most innovative in the country.

12. Was On a Cosby Show Spinoff

Even now, Bonet tends to best-known for her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. However, she left the show for a time in 1987 to star on a spinoff called A Different World. Initially, the spinoff was supposed to focus on her experiences at college. However, she left after the first season, with the result that it was forced to refocus on someone else.

13. Got Fired From The Cosby Show

Attitude-wise, Bonet has sometimes been described as the “rebellious one” out of the actors who played the children on The Cosby Show. This is unsurprising because . . . well, she was fired from the show because of what were called “creative differences” at the time, which says a lot about a very strong sense of independence that led to her clashing with the people behind the show.

14. Felt a Connection to Lenny Kravitz Because of Their Similar Backgrounds

Bonet has stated that when she met Lenny Kravitz, she formed a connection faster than under normal circumstances because it turned out that the two had a lot of similarities in their respective backgrounds. For example, when Bonet revealed that her mother is Jewish, Kravitz responded by revealing that his father is Jewish. As such, those similarities convinced Bonet to let him in more on an emotional level than she would have for others right away because she had an increased sense of trust in him.

15. The Two Eloped

Speaking of which, when Bonet and Kravitz got married, the two eloped. Moreover, the two eloped at pretty much the most stereotypical location that most people can imagine for such occasions, which is to say, the city of Las Vegas. With that said, the city of Las Vegas has earned its reputation for being a leading destination for people who want to get married for very sensible reasons, which would be the ease of getting married there as well as the minimal costs of doing so at said location.

16. Isn’t Shy About Showing Up on Social Media

There are some celebrity parents who prefer to maintain a very clear barrier between their public and private lives, which extends to their social media use. However, Bonet and Jason Momoa can’t be counted among them, as shown by the cheerfulness with which Momoa will share photos of them and their kids interacting as a family.

17. The Two Have Had to Work Out Their Issues

With that said, while the two seem to get along very well, they have stated that they have needed to work out their share of relationship issues. This makes sense because relationships are not static things, meaning that they need a constant exertion of effort from both sides to keep them in a healthy state.

18. Spends a Lot of Time Outdoors

Since Bonet doesn’t keep a TV at home, it should come as no surprise to learn that she and her family spend a lot of time outdoors instead when it comes to recreational activities. Besides their entertainment value, outdoor activities do keep interested individuals physically active, which is why there is such a wide range of parties that put so much effort into encouraging people to become more so for the sake of their personal well-being.

19. Has Environmentalist Beliefs

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bonet has pretty strong environmentalist beliefs. In fact, she was very proud when she heard one of her children speaking about the importance of protecting the planet, so much so that she felt for a moment that her parenting was done.

20. Big Fan of Yoga

It is interesting to note that Bonet is a fan of yoga. In fact, Momoa has commented that she has been trying to get him into yoga as well, though her success in that regard has been relatively limited so far. In any case, yoga really has seen incredible growth in its popularity in the United States in recent decades, seeing as how it wasn’t that long ago when it was seen as something very exotic rather than the normal part of life that it has become for a lot of people in said country.

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