10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julie Bowen

If you’ve seen her earlier works then you might think that Julie Bowen has kind of evolved since the days when she starred in Happy Gilmore and Joe Somebody alongside Adam Sandler and Tim Allen respectively. Her role as Claire Dunphy is definitely a person that’s far-removed from the sexy female lead that was at one time very carefree but not so flamboyant that she had to flaunt herself as she did in An American Werewolf in Paris. The comparisons between these roles just goes to show that Julie is a very capable actress that can and does turn a corner when she has to in order to fulfill a role and make each one of them believable. At this point however it would almost seem as though Claire as become a very dominant role for her since she’s been on the show since 2009 and has no doubt taken this one to heart.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Julie.

10. Julie has a pacemaker.

This is due to the fact that she has a condition known as bradycardia, which is when a person’s resting heartbeat is under 60 beats per minute while resting, which is less than optimal. Her pacemaker is there to make sure that her heartbeat doesn’t drop to dangerously low levels.

9. She went into actual labor while faking labor on a TV show.

It’s not really method acting that did this to her in the moment, but instead it seems like it was just time for the kid to come out and her body must have figured that she was giving the signal that she was prepared in some way. It’s a theory, not a great one but it seems to fit.

8. Julie has ADHD and takes medication for it.

She also practices yoga to help this condition. One might think from the way she acts on Modern Family that the disorder pops up now and again and causes her to just wig out a bit and to be honest that’s a fair assessment, though it’s also likely that she’s just this good at what she does.

7. She starred in a soap opera before.

In her earliest years Julie had to work her way up and find her niche before really gaining ground with a career. It’s amazing really to find out how many actors were in soap operas before they became widely known.

6. Julie has a pretty impressive stage background.

During her school years she was in a few notable plays that allowed her to gain a good deal of experience. It’s interesting to note the difference between those that act when they’re younger and those that don’t, there isn’t much, but it’s in the amount of versatility they bring to the craft.

5. As of 2018 her net worth was around $18 million.

It’s not hard to believe this number since Modern Family has really been one of the most loved shows on TV for some time and her role has been one of those that’s considered to be anchor for much of the cast. But this net worth might have gone down just a bit.

4. She separated from her husband in 2018.

This is what might cause her net worth to plummet just a bit since she shares her assets with her husband and they file to share everything when they separated. The fact that they’re trying to work things out in a manner that will help their children and both of them is kind of admirable since divorces can be messy affairs.

3. It’s amusing that she married a real estate investor in real life and in Modern Family her character is married to a real estate broker.

On the show her husband Phil is a guy that sometimes struggles but has a very inflated sense of self at others times. In real life her husband seems as though he did fairly well at his job but it’s also evident that she might have been the major breadwinner.

2. She’s kind of a last-second planner at times.

There are a lot of folks out there like this that don’t stress themselves to the limit when it comes to making plans. Nope, they stress themselves out when it comes to picking out what they want to wear to a major awards show at the very last minute. It’s kind of a bad habit to develop but it’s also one that doesn’t just up and go away when you try to become more vigilant.

1. Modern Family has been one of her biggest and most successful performances.

This seems like it should be fairly obvious since despite her movie aspirations, which have gone fairly well considering who she’s been able to act with and how well she’s done with them, the show is still something that’s present and constant.

She’s changed a bit throughout the years, but in a lot of good ways.

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