10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonathan Groff

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Jonathan Groff is a famous actor who has quite a story to tell. His life is one filled with things that might make a lesser man feel as if getting through the day is difficult. However, Jonathan Groff gets up, he does his thing, and he lets nothing get in his way. He’s a man worth getting to know more about, and we have a few things you might want to know about him but didn’t right here.

1. How Old is Jonathan Groff?

He’s still so young. Jonathan Groff was born on March 26, 1985. He turned 37 in 2022, and he’s ready to celebrate his 38th birthday in 2023. We don’t know how he likes to celebrate, but we imagine he’s ready to have a good time.

2. Where is He From?

Groff was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He grew up there with his mom, dad, and his older brother. His mother was a teacher in the physical education department. Groff’s father worked with harness horse training. His older brother is a COO for a company called WebstaurantStore.

3. He Grew Up in An Amish Community

Though Groff is not Amish and didn’t grow up Amish, he did live in an area that’s predominantly Amish. He spent a lot of his teenage years helping his Amish friends get around. Their way of life does not allow them to drive cars or use things like electricity, but he’d help his friends go where they wanted to go by driving them around. We don’t know if this is technically allowed, but we imagine a lot of people bend the rules as they see fit.

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4. Jonathan Groff Loved Acting Since He Was a Toddler

He was only three when he discovered Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. Like the rest of the world, he fell madly in love with her in the movie – she is so phenomenal in anything she does, but this was such a special role for her. He knew then and there acting would be part of his life. He spent his time playing actor with his brother. They acted in their own productions, and we imagine it was adorable.

5. He Deferred His College Acceptance

When he graduated from high school, Jonathan Groff was accepted into a prestigious university. Carnegie Mellon University accepted him into their program, but he deferred. He was cast in a production of The Sound of Music, and he knew he had to take it. When his year was up, he chose to move on and not go to college.

6. He Survived Cancer

When he was in his early 20s, Groff was diagnosed with a form of cancer called melanoma. It’s a form of skin cancer, and it was something that he struggled with. Any diagnosis like this is something anyone would struggle with. He was able to go through surgery to remove cancer from his body, and he’s all right now. But that type of situation is certainly eye-opening for a young man.

7. Groff Does Not Use Social Media

As a general rule, social media is not for Groff. He doesn’t care for it, and he’s not a fan of it. He’s already annoyed with the constant state of technology in his pocket. He’s a man who feels that he uses technology too much as it is, and he doesn’t want to add another need. Social media is not for him, and we do respect that.

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8. He Uses Meditation to Deal with Stress

More precisely, he uses a technique called transcendental meditation. He feels the need to use it when work stress is getting to him, and it’s been helpful. Learning the art of this practice was something he thought might help, and it has.

9. He Came Out as Gay in 2009

Interestingly, he did so in an interview with a reporter from a website. He felt a great deal of pain from not being out and acknowledging his sexuality for so long, and he knew it was time to tell the world. His goal is to become a role model for other people going through similar situations, and he’s done well with it over the years.

10. He Bought Property Next Door to His Parents

We find it particularly lovely that when he began making a lot of money, it was important for him to find a home near his own family. He ended up buying the property next door to his parents, and it’s lovely. He doesn’t live in Pennsylvania all the time, but he does live there part-time when he’s not working.

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