10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eric ‘Digger’ Manes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eric ‘Digger’ Manes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eric ‘Digger’ Manes

Eric Manes is a person that appears on the Discovery television show Moonshiners. Most people call him by his nickname, Digger. While it’s not exactly clear how he got that nickname, it’s one that he’s apparently had since a very young age. He keeps most information about himself close to the vest, but there are a few things that you can find here that you might not have already known. Keep reading in order to find out what they are.

1. Mark Ramsey is his best friend

Ramsey is another person that appears on the show. These two have known each other for a long time and some have even speculated that they actually grew up in the same area, although neither Ramsey nor Manes have ever confirmed or denied that. Nevertheless, the two are clearly best friends and you can scarcely find one without seeing the other.

2. It’s because of Popcorn Sutton that he is even on the television show Moonshiners

Sutton was considered a legend in the moonshining business and he eventually became a mentor to Digger Manes. This is not only how Manes became such a mainstay as a moonshiner, but it’s also how he made the decision to eventually join the television show. If it hadn’t been for Sutton’s influence, he may not even be involved in this business, much less being a driving force in it.

3. He grew up around moonshine

Digger Manes has been around moonshine his entire life. Even when he was a young boy, it was just a fact of life. From some of his earliest memories, moonshine was always a constant in his life. It’s no wonder that he grew up making it himself, considering the fact that it’s largely all he’s ever known.

4. He’s one of the few people that’s willing to speak up about the legality of such a show

People question the legality of this television show all the time. Some asked why the people who star on it aren’t behind bars since what they’re doing is illegal. It’s lead some to believe the entire show is scripted and none of it has a shred of truth in it. Most people aren’t willing to speak up about it but he hasn’t been afraid to say what was on his mind. He says that everything they do is in a secret location and that by the time the show airs, it’s all been long completed so there’s nothing to be arrested for because other than the show itself, there is no proof.

5. He claims he’s not setting out to do anything illegal, but only doing what he knows

He doesn’t really get too caught up in the legality of making moonshine. He claims that he isn’t trying do anything illegal and that in fact, that has never been the goal. He says that he’s only doing what he knows and he’s trying to keep a roof over his head and food on the table.

6. Mark Ramsey is also his business partner

It’s already been mentioned Mark Ramsey is his best friend but he’s also his business partner. The two frequently work together and they’re almost always seen together whether they’re working or just kicking back.

7. The two are so close that they even share a Facebook page

As a matter of fact, they even share a page on Facebook. They ultimately decided that they couldn’t really have their own individual pages because everything they do is in conjunction with one another. Therefore, they developed a single page with both names and they each post on it from time to time.

8. There’s no shame and making illegal moonshine if it puts food on the table

This has already been touched on but according to Manes, it’s worth mentioning again. He feels frustrated at times that making moonshine is illegal because it’s what he grew up learning how to do. He says that he doesn’t know how to do anything else and this is what puts food on the table so he finds it somewhat offensive that he is often labeled a criminal. He also says that he’s not the least bit ashamed of what he does because he’s putting in a day’s work just like anyone else.

9. He’s actually created a number of unique business deals as a result of his skills

He’s actually quite the businessman and he has created some fairly unique business deals regarding his products. Imagine what he could do if it were legal.

10. It’s estimated that he has a net worth of approximately $300,000

He himself admits that the majority of this money is from starring on the show. However, it doesn’t change the fact that he made a decent living making moonshine before he ever got on the show and he still does to this day.

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