10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie Brussaux

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie Brussaux

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux has recently been mentioned in gossip columns as the mother of Drake’s son Adonis. This was news that Drake didn’t come right out and share with the world when he learned that Brussaux was expecting a child. She’s received a lot of press recently but these stories only tell a little bit about her. We wanted to know more about her so we took a look into her history and what she’s been up to lately to find out the facts. Here are 10 things that we learned about Sophie Burssaux that you might not know.

1. She is an artist

Sophie Brussaux is an artist who paints colorful portraits. She is from the country of France and this is where she resided when the news broke about her pregnancy. Prior to becoming a professional artist, she also spent some time working in the adult film industry where she became a star within the genre. She is a celebrity in this area of the film business.

2. Sophie connected with Drake in 2017

Drake had just split with Jennifer Lopez in January of 2017. He was seen out with Sophie Brussaux in May of that year, just three months after the breakup. Later, Sophie disclosed that she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. After making the announcement she consulted with attorneys in New York City to complete paternity testing in order to secure child support payments from the rapper. The tests proved that the child does in fact belong to Drake.

3. She and Drake don’t see eye to eye

Brussaux claimed that she has text messages from Drake asking her to get an abortion after he was told that she was pregnant. Her publicist confirmed that he had in fact seen the messages, supporting her claims. Drake admitted that he and Brussaux do not have a strong relationship with one another and he even wrote a rap song that offers elements that suggest the relationship is strained. While he admits the baby is his he also added that it only takes once and they were together just twice. Drake also shared that he has hopes that he and Brussaux can improve their relationship.

4. Sophie is an accomplished artist

Brussaux has done very well in her career as a professional artist. Her work has been displayed in New York, London, and Milan, Italy. She has received multiple awards for her art that is brimming with pop-art symbolism and color. This is the profession for which she left the adult movie industry. Art is something that she is passionate about and she has achieved a remarkable degree of success.

5. She is the founder of a non-profit

Sophie Brussaux has taken her love for art to the next level. After reaching a decent level of success in the profession, she has taken action to make sure that other up and coming artists can find support to help them get established. She founded a non-profit organization that is called ArtsHelp. The group offers to publish for artists throughout the world, who are making a difference.

6. Sophie is a traveler

We also learned that Sophie loves to travel and she does so often. She moved from France to New York City where she currently resides. She travels to a lot of different places and she shares the highlights of her trips on her Instagram account. This is a great place to find some of the photos that she has uploaded that give you a glimpse into the lifestyle that she lives.

7. She is an educated lady

Sophie Brussaux is an intelligent and educated lady. She is not only the founder of a non-profit organization, professional artist, former model, and porn star, but she also holds two different degrees. Her academic credentials are in Wealth Management and in International Affairs. This could be why she loves to travel so much.

8. Brussaux was referred to as a “fluke”

After learning that Sophie was carrying Drake’s child, the rapper wrote a song that referred to his baby mama as a “fluke.” While it is assumed that he meant it was just a fluke that she got pregnant from their two encounters, it came across as a deliberate slam. Many of his fans were displeased with the reference. When you look through Sophie’s history and all of her accomplishments, this description doesn’t fit her at all. Many construed this as a mean spirited reference that was out of line. Drake caught a great deal of backlash for including this line in his song. It didn’t go over very well at all. While a minority of fans defended Drake, there were more negative comments about the incident than there were positives.

9. Sophie loves science fiction

We learned that Sophie Brussaux has an interest in technology and science fiction. She loves the “Harry Potter” films as well as “Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones,” and she has even incorporated some of it into her art. She shared on her website that she has an interest in AI, possible futures, as well as the emancipation of female sexuality.

10. Sophie and Drake pulled their acts together

Although the first few months that followed the announcement of her pregnancy got a little nasty, she and Drake have found common ground. The two have agreed to co-parent their son Adonis together. Drake was with him for his first Christmas which was the first time that he had met the little guy. Sophie flew to Toronto with Adonis so the parents could share the second birthday of their son together. Drake is fulfilling his role as the father with child-support and by being there for the special occasions in his three-year-old son’s life. What started out to be a negative situation has turned into a positive and Sophie has support in raising her child.

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