10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarati

Sarah Ashley Callahan might not be a name anyone recognizes. However, the name Sarati might be a name you know well. You might follow Sarati online. She’s a TikTok star and a social media influencer, and Sarah Ashley Callahan is her birth name. She does go by the name Sarati online, and she’s managed to create quite the online platform for herself in the past few years. She’s become quite famous, and her fans and followers want to learn more about her.

1. She is a Texas Girl

She was born and raised in Texas. More specifically, she was born and raised in College Station, Texas. She lived there until she was 16, which means most of her best childhood memories come from this area of the country. Once you grow up in the south – or Texas – you are just going to forever love where you came from.

2. She Moved to LA

She was 16 when she and her family moved to Los Angeles. She was ready to start her career as an actress and as a social media influencer, and that is what she did. She made it happen for herself, and she was able to land a role after her very first audition in the city.

3. She is a Game Show Girl

One of the coolest things she’s gotten to do in her own career is to film for “Deal or No Deal,” the show in which many famous models have worked as Case girls. Sarati filmed 30 episodes of the show as Case 12, and that is a very cool thing to get to add to her resume.

4. She’s a Music Video Star

In addition to being a case girl on a famous game show, she’s also worked in the music video industry. She is not a singer herself, but she has been featured in a number of music videos. She worked alongside Eminem and Ed Sheeran in their video for, “River,” and that is not a small thing. They are two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, and she got to work with them.

5. She is a Commercial Star

Another addition to her already very impressive resume is her commercial work. She has worked for many brands, but she is famous for her role in a Geico motorcycle commercial. They are big commercials right now, and she plays the bride in one of the more recent commercials released for the company.

6. She’s an Actress

Sarati has been doing big things in her life, and that means she’s been acting a lot. She’s recently been booking jobs left and right. Her current acting credits include television series such as “Stitchers,” and “Lethal Weapon,” as well as taking on guest roles on “Tacoma FD,” and more. She’s been working hard, and she is not slowing down. Her dreams are coming true, and she’s working hard to make them happen.

7. She is Young

Sarati might be a little bit older than her TikTok counterparts right now, but she is still quite young. She is 25. She was born on November 17, 1995. She was born in Texas. We already know she spent 16 years there, but can you believe she moved to LA nine years ago to work? She’s been there ever since, and her career is really taking off.

8. She Loves to Travel

Her Instagram page shows a lot of photos of her traveling, spending time with her friends, and having a great time. She seems to enjoy being near the beach, but who doesn’t at this point? It’s a great place to be, so she spends as much time there as she can.

9. She Takes Care of Herself

She certainly doesn’t deprive herself. She enjoys a glass of wine when she is in the mood, and she seems to have a healthy appetite, but she’s good about taking care of her body. She works out and eats well, and that is the best way to live. It’s a healthy balance, and she seems to do a wonderful job of balancing what she enjoys with what she needs.

10. She Values Her Privacy

She is a woman with an entire life the world knows nothing about. She keeps her personal life very much under wraps. That is her life, what she is doing when she’s not filming, and she likes to keep it that way. She’s good at sharing what she feels her fans can and should know without sacrificing the things she wishes to keep to herself.

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