10 Things You Did Not About Tanisha Long

10 Things You Did Not About Tanisha Long

10 Things You Did Not About Tanisha Long

If you are a fan of either comedy central or MTV, then there is a high chance that you have come across Tanisha Long. She mostly makes appearances in comedy shows and exudes the same humor in the other capacities that she takes on television shows. On seeing her before your screen, you cannot ignore the immense talent she possesses. As an entertainer, she keeps her personal life under wraps, and it is hard to know who she exactly is away from the camera. If you have an interest in knowing more about this actress, then you are in the right place as we go down ten things you did not know about Tanisha Long.

1. Early Life

Tanisha is an American from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born on the 28th of September 1984, which makes her 35 years old presently. It is not known if she has any siblings as she is entirely on the down-low about her personal life. She grew up in Philadelphia, and it is the place where she nurtured her acting skills to the pro she is today.

2. Her Ethnicity

When you first look at her, you get the essence of rich African American roots. A closer look at her complexion, however, slightly betrays her mixed ancestry as she sports a caramel complexion. According to IMDb, both her parents are of mixed ancestry. Her mother is of African American and Panamian ancestry. Her father, on the other hand, is of African American and Italian descent. Her heritage is so diverse and gives her the fit looks for her modeling career.

3. Her Education

When you look at her acting and how she carries herself away from the cameras, you get a hint of her composure. She comes off as quite knowledgeable, which is most probably due to her education. After knowing her aspiration when she was young, she made a move to New York after high school. In New York, she attended the UCB Theater to learn more on improv. Later on, she made a move to the People’s Improv Theater, where she became a regular performer. Among the figures she was lucky to be under their tutelage include Kimmy Gatewood and Kurt Braunohler. According to Innovative artists, she also had stints at the Philly Improve Theater and Michael Howard Studio.

4. Professional Career

Once she learned the ropes of acting, she made the venture into the professional field to do what she likes. Her orientation into the profession was marked by successful stints on MTV in both Girl Code and Guy Code. She has also made countrywide tours as a comedian and made appearances on 106 and Park where she was a host. She has also made an appearance in comedy films such as the 2013 Admission and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

5. She Describes Herself As A Weirdo

In any context, a weirdo is just as the name implies, strange, weird, uncommon and any other related adjective. When used on a person, it is usually not in high regard. However, when it comes to Tanisha Long, she owns the description fully and proudly. She describes herself as a weirdo, a factor that made her appreciate things that were out of this world and cemented her passion for comedy. Looking at her stint as a comedienne, we appreciate her weirdness as it made her embrace her inner being and come out with the rib-cracking jokes that punctuate her standup sessions.

6. Her Career Influences

For any serious artist in whichever entertainment field, a figure of influence is essential, and their works guide you as you cut your teeth in your respective art. For Tanisha this is true, and according to an interview transcribed on Jones Magazine she namedrops In Living Color. It was a 90s sketch comedy show, and it seems the characters influenced Long’s comedy career. Other figures she looks up to are Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon, all of whom made their career in comedy, a field mostly associated with males.

7. Her Hobbies

When she is away from the camera and makeup or several faces glaring in anticipation when doing standup, she loves baking. She claims to be obsessed with baking, and if she loves someone, she will have a cake for him or her. She takes the hobby to experimental levels, and she once a while hops over to Pinterest for baking ideas. Aside from baking, she loves music and TV. She listens to Beyonce among other singers and loves going through blogs touching on baking, music and some feminism.

8. Her Relationships

As hinted several times on this piece, Tanisha Long keeps her personal life under wraps. The same applies to her relationship status, which there is no reliable information about it. Her past relationships are also not out same to if she has children or not. It is an excellent move in separating her personal and professional life.

9. Social Media Presence

Tanisha is active on social media, with Twitter and Instagram being her platforms of choice. She has a decent following on both platforms with her twitter handle having 112000 followers. Her Instagram handle, on the other hand, has over 90000 followers.

10. Her Dream Workmates

If you are in the entertainment industry, there are some established and talented names that you would want to work with. For Tanisha Long, the list includes names such as Idris Elba, Ryan Gosling, Donald Glover and Chris Pratt. She opines that she has crushes on the various entries on the list. She would also love to work with Kerry Washington and Maya Rudolph.

Final Thoughts

Tanisha Long is a crucial figure in standup comedy and has made a name for herself in the male-dominated sector. She also does some work in film and television that you can look up in relevant sites. She is known for her privacy; hence, not much is available about her. Above are some of the peeks into her personal life and furnish you with some of the things you probably did not know about her.

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