10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Adams

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Adams

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christine Adams

Like so many others Christine Adams can tend to get lost in the show business shuffle but at the same time she’s easy to find since she has been one of those that has contributed to many different projects throughout the years and has stayed the course. What that means is that she’s maintained her place in show business and has been doing her thing for so long that whether she rises or falls she’s still around and you’ll be able to see her when she shows up without any issue. In a way she’s one of the many that are just waiting in the wings for their turn to step into the spotlight and enjoy it as is their earned right since she and many others are those that help the leads look good and flesh out the story that they’re in through their very presence. It does seem as though she could take on a bigger role more often, but sometimes that’s a matter of personal preference.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about Christine.

10. In terms of her career she’s been around since the late 90s.

A lot of us might think ‘oh that’s not so long’. But then you tick off on your fingers just how long ago the 90s were and think twice about that statement and understand that she’s been doing the show business thing for a while now and obviously likes what she’s doing.

9. Christine has been largely involved in TV but has a healthy amount of movie credits to her name.

A lot of people can bounce back and forth between TV and movies and act like it’s no big deal, but those are the versatile actors that can bring their skills from one medium to another and not lose a step. It’s actually a big deal to be able to do something like this as versatility in show business is highly prized by some.

8. Her net worth has been estimated at around $3 million.

One has to consider that this can fluctuate depending on how much a person makes per year and whether they’re entirely wise with their finances. At the moment it would seem that she’s worth a good chunk of money but it would be interesting to see whether it changes or not in the years to come.

7. She’s kind of active on social media.

I say ‘kind of’ since the number of followers she has is only in the tens of thousands, but then one has to realize that not everyone uses social media quite as much or has a small army of people managing accounts for them in their name.

6. There’s not a whole lot of personal information about her online.

There’s some to be found but it’s pretty sparse since it will give only the bare bones of her personal life and possibly where she went to school and her marital and family status. But really, how much do we need to know?

5. She’s been in a few very prominent movies throughout her career.

A lot of what she’s done has been cameo work and there and gone moments that help to set a scene and not much else. But what she does do is still important enough to grant her recognition since like I said, a lot of those that do this kind of work are making the movie and the leading characters look good by not leaving an empty spot to fill.

4. Christine is a part of the Black Lightning cast.

Black Lightning has been one of the few shows that people have really been turned on by thanks to the cast and the attention to cultural significance since the show is geared towards those of color and the struggles that a lot of other people don’t seem to understand or are willing to learn about via TV show.

3. She’s been a model in the past.

Looking at her body structure one can surely see how she might glide down a catwalk and be the kind of individual that could strut at just the right time and look very professional while doing it. You’ve to admit, she looks the part.

2. Christine is a very family-oriented person.

You could say this about a lot of people in show business largely because a lot of those that do have families want to provide for them and spend as much time as possible with them. But being more of a bit player it does seem as though Christine would have a lot more personal freedom and time to spend with her family.

1. She does tend to make time for fans.

A lot of celebrities will take the time to snap a photo with a fan or sign an autograph and it’s fun when they do since it’s an acknowledgment that the fans are indeed important. Of course it is considered polite for a fan to ask nicely and be respectful.

She’s one of many, but she’s still unique as she’s the only one like herself.

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