10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Stephens

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Stephens

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chris Stephens

If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel’s Garage Rehab, then you already know who Chris Stevens is. However, you might not be so familiar with him if you don’t routinely watch the show. Maybe you’re somebody that’s more of a casual viewer but you’d like to know more. If that’s the case, consider these 10 things about him that are listed below.

1. He knows how to put vision and action together

As far as the show is concerned, it’s his job to put all the plans the team comes up with into action. Clearly, this is the part where you take somebody’s vision for a shop and you turn it into something that works in a real-world situation. That’s not always easy, but he makes it look that way.

2. He has an innate ability to deal with all personality types

In order to be successful at his job, he has to be able to deal with all kinds of people. Some are a little more hot-headed than others and some take it personally when they’re told that something they’re doing is actually hurting their business. He is capable of dealing with all of these different personality types in a way that allows them to move forward and get things done, something that very few people actually possess.

3. He knows how to keep things practical

He understands that having a shop that looks good is part of the process but he also understands that in order to ensure the business is successful, you have to look at every aspect of that business. In a practical sense, you have to figure out what else is going on behind the scenes that’s causing a business to fail, and it’s not just the way the shop looks.

4. He knows the business inside and out

He does know virtually everything there is to know about running a successful shop. That’s because he’s been doing it for years and unlike many businesses that go through a period of slow growth when they first open, his business has been extremely successful from day one.

5. He knows it’s not just about creating a good looking garage

This has already been touched on somewhat but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Part of the process of having a successful shop is indeed having a garage that looks appealing so people will want to stop. However, it’s about much more than that. If the people running it don’t provide excellent customer service and don’t know what they’re doing, looks will only go so far.

6. He helps their clients figure out how to do more business

Therefore, he works diligently to help business owners figure out how they can grow their business across the board. Granted, some of it is about making the garage look nicer and giving them newer equipment or providing them with equipment they didn’t have in the past. However, he makes sure that he leaves no stone unturned when they rehab a garage.

7. He’s all about social media

He knows that in order to be successful, you have to market your business appropriately. He’s very much into social media and he helps other people realize how having a voice on various social media platforms can increase their customer base tenfold.

8. He’s loved cars his entire life

It doesn’t hurt that he’s always been into cars and in fact, he’s been working on them since he was a teenager.

9. He enjoys standing out from the crowd

He thinks it’s fun to be different and he’s never really bought into the idea of being just one more sheep in the herd. As a result, he’s always had an affinity for cars that stand out as well. When he works with a garage owner that’s struggling, he helps them realize that if they can find a way to stand out from their competition, they have a much better chance at success.

10. He keeps things all in the family

When he’s not busy filming the show, he’s running the garage that he’s run for years with his brother. They’ve enjoyed working together for years and he admits that he places a lot of trust in his brother because he’s gone for months at a time filming, sometimes for more than a year.

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