10 Things You Did Not Know About Michele Morrone

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Michele Morrone is a man many people want to know more about. He’s handsome, he’s Italian, and he’s a movie star. This talented actor is a man who prefers to keep his personal life to himself, but that doesn’t stop his many fans from speculating. He’s only been in the entertainment industry since 2011 and made a name for himself in 2020. He starred in an erotic drama about romance and love called 365 Days, and everyone was into it. Now he’s starring in a new project alongside some of Hollywood’s most famous stars…Megan Fox, anyone? Who is Michele Marrone, and what’s he like?

1. How Old is Michele Marrone?

He’s still quite young. He was born on October 3, 1990. He turned 32 in the fall of 2022, and his life has been quite interesting so far. He was born and raised in Italy. He was born in a place called Reggio Calabria, and he was raised in Melegnano.

2. What is His Family Like?

Growing up was busy. He’s one of four kids, and as a mom of four kids, his life was busy. He is the youngest child and only boy in a family of three older sisters. His mom and dad both worked throughout his childhood. His mother was a seamstress, and his father was in the construction industry. Sadly, he died when his son was only 13.

3. When Did He Decide to Become an Actor?

He was around 11 when he chose to become an actor. He watched the Harry Potter movie and knew then that this would be his future. Being part of this industry was important to him, and he made sure he made it happen. He even studied acting in a professional setting. He was a student at the Teatro Fraschini di Pavia, which is an Italian Acting Theater.

Credit: @iammichelemorroneofficial

4. He Was Held Back a Year in School

Despite being a kid who wanted to act and be famous, his behavior was working against him growing up. He was held back during his freshman year in high school. Interestingly, he states that it was his poor behavior that held him back. We imagine that this means his behavior was bad enough that he also did not do his work, and his grades suffered. Though if you are in enough trouble and are regularly suspended from classes, you miss enough work to fail, too.

5. He’s Married, But He’s Also Separated

Marrone married Rouba Saadeh in 2014. She’s from Lebanon, and she is a stylist. Together, they welcomed two sons during their marriage. Their first son was born in 2014, and their second was born in 2017. They called it the end in 2018, but they’ve never legally divorced. They have been apart for approximately five years, though.

6. He Went Out With A Famous Reality Star

No one knows anything personal about it, and neither one of them has confirmed. However, he was spotted more than once with Khloe Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week in 2022. They sat together, they took photos together, and many people wondered if they might be dating. Someone close to one of them denied any romance rumors, and we believe it. He’s not her type. She’s into professional athletes, and she’s never deviated from that.

7. His 365 Sex Scenes Were Not Easy to Film

He’s professional, so he made it work. However, he and his costar are such good friends that they were awkward, and it was weird. They figured it out, though, and it works for them. “For me, it wasn’t hard to do that because, as an actor, I always wanted to be real in everything I do,” he said of figuring out how to take the scenes and make them work. It might have been weird for them, but he made sure they were able to work through it.

8. He Has a Favorite Place

Everyone does, though. We all have a place that is special to us. A place that makes us feel so good and so comfortable and happy. His is the beach. In fact, he shares his love of the beach with one of his sons. They find it the best place to be, and they make it clear that spending time there brings them great joy.

Credit: @iammichelemorroneofficial

9. He’s a Talented Painter

What shocked many of his fans was finding out that in addition to being a talented actor and musician, he’s also a lovely artist. He’s done well making sure that his work is noticed by his fans, and that was a big deal. He wasn’t sure he’d share it, but his talent speaks for itself.

10. He Takes His Role as a Father Seriously

Being a dad (or a parent in general) is the most difficult, most amazing, most important work any person does when they choose to have a child. Michele Marrone is aware of this. “My kids are seven and three years old, and they don’t know anything about life. They’re like sponges; they just absorb everything that you do and say. So, you have to be really, really careful,” he said of parenting. He’s not wrong. They hear everything. They absorb everything. And they question every bit of it.

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