10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kayla Carter

You might know her name better if we call her Kayla Jean rather than Kayla Carter, but she is the same woman. She is Kayla from “Too Hot to Handle,” on Netflix, and the world wants to know more about her. She’s one of ten people who are too hot for their own good who are looking to meet people but not touch them for a month so that they can win some prize money. She’s one of the new contestants, and now we get to learn as much as we can about her. She’s obviously lovely, but what else is she like? Let’s find out.

1. She is a Florida Native

She’s a Floridian, and it shows. She’s someone who was born and raised in the Sunshine State, and she loves it here. She loves to spend time outdoors, she loves the sun, and she loves everything about the state that she calls home. Being in the islands is not much different for her on this show.

2. She is a Model

When she has the time to focus on herself, she’s modeling. She is a model who is aspiring to move on to something even bigger. She wants to be famous, and she wants to be in control of her own life. She certainly has the looks for it, so she will get there.

3. She Has a Day Job

When she is not modeling, she is keeping her life in line by bartending in Florida. She makes the money she needs to make between modeling gigs, and she works hard to ensure that she can make it happen. Her job allows her to meet a lot of people and make a living when she’s not modeling.

4. She is a Fan of the Outdoors

When you grow up in Florida, you cannot help but love the outdoors. Being outside in the sun, being on the water, and doing fun things that are all about fun in the sun is what being a Floridian is about. We Floridians enjoy being on the water whether it’s for a quick meal, a boat day, or in our pools. She is an avid surfer, and it shows.

5. She Has a Type

Kayla Jean has a type, and she loves her type. She is attracted to a bad boy through and through. She loves them. Is it the challenge for her? We don’t know what it is, but she doesn’t like a guy who is too clean-cut, follows the rules, or fits any type of mold. She wants someone who has more to offer than the traditional type of good guy status.

6. She’s Never Been Rejected

She said it herself. She’s never experienced rejection. She finds something she wants and she goes for it, she gets it, and she’s the one who is ready to end it. We are obviously talking about romance here. She’s never found a man she’s into who is not into her right back, and she does not have a problem with that.

7. She Had a Strict Childhood

Her childhood was strict, which might go far into explaining who she is as an adult. She is a woman who knows that she took the rebellious route because of her strict parents and upbringing. She is not ashamed of her choices, though, and she is not letting anyone tell her any differently.

8. She Loves to Travel

Her social media profiles show us she has a love for traveling. She likes to see the world, and she likes to be where it’s at. She’s clearly more into the beach and the water than anything, but she is happy to see everywhere and everything she can manage to see. She wants to explore the world, and that is a wonderful thing to want to do.

9. She’s Private

She might be a model. She might be a reality television star. She might just be on everyone’s radar right now, but that does not mean she is someone who is telling the world everything about her. She’s private. She keeps to herself, she doesn’t share too much, and she maintains an air of mystery.

10. She Loves Kind People

If you take the time to scroll through her social media posts, you’ll find that she is often talking about kindness. She believes in being kind and beautiful, and she is a firm believer that you cannot be beautiful if you are not a good person on the inside. We are with her on that one.

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