Is Netflix Going Too Far with “Too Hot to Handle?”

Is Netflix Going Too Far with “Too Hot to Handle?”

Is Netflix Going Too Far with “Too Hot to Handle?”

Is Netflix going too far? No, not really, especially when the whole premise of Too Hot to Handle is to get a group of beautiful people to an island paradise and then lay down a stipulation that they CAN’T have sex. Sandra Gonzalez of CNN has more to say on this matter. Of course with reality TV being what it is this is likely to be just as fake as anything else, but asking people not to have sex on a show such as this is something that many in society would probably look at as a great bit of comedy. Seriously, asking folks that already sound as though they’re high on their own vanity to refuse to touch each other, or themselves, is enough to make a person laugh uproariously unless someone is going to get bent out of shape and say that there’s simply too much sex appeal on the line and that it’s just forcing the contestants to rebel against the rules and do whatever they can to break them. If it is going too far then it’s likely because the show is placing people together that have a very loose set of morals and don’t have any qualms about sleeping with one another without getting to know each other first. I mean, who wants to get into deep, committed relationship when you can just sleep around, right? It’s almost like we’ve gone back to the 60s at this point but the hippies aren’t unwashed and high all the time.

For $100,000 a lot of us could probably go for a while without touching each other, but to think that the individuals can’t go without touching each other or themselves in a sexual manner for that long is kind of laughable really since with that kind of money on the line it’s easy to think that a good number of people could just settle in with a good book or at least take a long walk on the beach. It’s not too much really unless a person is offended by the sexual nature of the show and the fact that the contestants appear to be wearing a minimal amount of clothing at all times. But if that bothers anyone then it’s likely they weren’t big Baywatch fans either. All in all the show’s premise and plot is kind of amusing really since there’s no need for what some might call slut-shaming, but there’s bound to be a lot of laughter when it comes down to getting a good chuckle at the expense of the contestants, who don’t sounds as though they could go one minute without sex, let alone one day or even longer. Corrine Sullivan of PopSugar has more to add to the topic.

Maybe it’s an age thing or maybe it’s just an individual thing, but going without sex is, yes, admittedly hard sometimes, no pun intended I swear. But there are a couple of things about this that need to be noted. One is that it’s reality TV, meaning that whatever you’re seeing is likely scripted and not entirely real, so take it with a huge grain of salt but laugh all the same since like it or not, this show isn’t going to be what you think for a good portion of it. People don’t typically act like themselves when they’re on camera, as many folks will either freeze up or find a new and somehow exciting persona that was their own doing or was prompted by the producers and director that need attractive people that are full of life and completely outspoken. Two, likely as not the contestants are still going to get paid when this is all over and done with since that’s how working in a capitalist society goes, you tend to get paid in some way for the work you put in. So don’t feel too bad if you hear that the $100,000 is getting dinged over and over because people can’t keep their hands away from each other or themselves, chances are they’re still going to walk off that set with a chance to stick around the business or a pretty nice paycheck all the same. As far as sexual tension goes it’s kind of funny to think that people this good looking just have to have it so often that they’d be easily diagnosed as nymphomaniac’s by anyone else, when in truth most of them would likely be able to have sex with someone whenever they wanted just by delivering the right line or giving the right look. Admit it, folks that can do this kind of thing and draw people to them are kind of annoying sometimes, and watching them get shut down in any way is kind of a guilty pleasure. Drake Baer of The Cut has a different perspective on beautiful people.

So no, Netflix isn’t going too far with this show by any means, unless of course it turns into the Spice channel suddenly. Otherwise, it’s time to sit back and laugh come April 17th.

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