10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Valley Girl”

Valley Girl kind of lives up to the stereotype you might already have in your head from looking at this picture. Deborah Foreman and Nicolas Cage play two teens from very different sides of the tracks so speak. This Romeo and Juliet-type story has been played out a million different ways but as you might think in this story Randy can’t help but fall in love with Julie, who’s already hooked up with Tommy, every girl’s dream and a young man that’s from her side of town. Through trial and error however it comes down to just who is able to capture Julie’s heart and keep hold of it. So of course you’ve got to expect that the guy with little to offer but his undying affection would be the one that she would go with.

In an ideal world that should work, right?

10. The club where Randy took Julie is now owned by Johnny Depp.

It was originally known as Filthy McNasty’s until it became The Central. It’s also the same club where River Phoenix passed away from complications stemming from a drug overdose.

9. The script was written in 10 days.

It’s not quite the shortest amount of time that a script has ever been written in but it’s still impressive to think about. Edits and rewrites tend to take a good deal of time and finding a compromise can take even longer.

8. Frank Zappa was approached and asked if his hit single Valley Girl could be used as the inspiration for the film.

He said no, but when the producers went ahead and made the movie, without his song, he tried to sue them but wasn’t successful.

7. Nudity was actually required in this film.

The director was ordered to show female nudity at least four times in order to heighten male interest. I don’t think that would fly as well at this point and time.

6. Nic Cage hadn’t gotten his teeth fixed before this movie.

You can see it every time he opens his mouth that things aren’t entirely right in there.

5. There are only five characters with last names in this film.

Those are Julie and her parents, the Richman’s, Fred Bailey, and Beth Brent. Everyone else just goes by their first name.

4. Deborah Foreman isn’t even on the cover of the movie.

The woman on the cover of the movie is Randy’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha, who has about three minutes of screen time total. That’s kind of an odd thing to do really.

3. This is considered a comeback role for Cage.

Not too long before this movie he was fired from the set of Fast Times At Ridgemont High

2. Michelle Pfieffer was originally considered for the part of Julie.

It could have had something to do with scheduling issues or it could have been that she didn’t want to get naked. It’s always something that can’t be avoided.

1. One of the actresses had no idea how to talk like a valley girl.

Elizabeth Daily admitted that she had no idea how to talk like a valley girl so she claimed her character was from Malibu.

In a perfect world people would realize that real love doesn’t factor social status into the mix.

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