10 Things You Didn’t Know about “I, Robot”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “I, Robot”

I wouldn’t call I, Robot a dystopian film about some far flung, futuristic world where man and machine are at odds with one another because it’s not, at least not right away. I, Robot, is more or less a breakdown of the complex relationship between mankind and robots that goes into the prejudicial manner in which some human beings view robots and how that shapes their interactions with them. And to be honest it’s just one man’s prejudice, created by an accident that helped save his life, that really gets things going. Detective Spooner doesn’t trust the robots and so isn’t fooled into believing that the newest, top of the line models are the best thing for humanity. Despite his irrational anger and mistrust he turns out to be right in his suspicions eventually, though ironically it takes a robot to make him see the truth of the matter.

It’s odd how the one thing you hate with so much passion can be the thing that finally opens your eyes.

10. There were no re-shoots required.

For a film this size that’s actually very impressive. Most films of this scope would have had a few re-shoots at the very least.

9. The same effects used to create Gollum were used for Sonny.

Alan Tudyk, who’s famous for a few different roles throughout film and TV, acted in the same type of suit that was made to create Gollum in The Lord of Rings trilogy.

8. There was a lot of respect among the cast.

Actors Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan had nothing but respect and admiration for Tudyk and the work that he did on set.

7. James Cromwell also plays a scientist that invents the laws of robotics in Big Hero 6.

In I, Robot he gets to play the tortured scientist that’s trying to make things right, whereas in Big Hero 6 he becomes the villain.

5. The Three Laws of Robotics are also used in Bicentennial Man.

The Robin Williams film was a lot more flashy about the laws as the robot, Andrew, displayed them for a one-time only showing upon his activation.

4. The film takes place in 2035.

It’s kind of eerie that this this less than two decades away isn’t it? The future always seems to get that much closer when you’re least expecting it.

3. A good deal of this story is based off of Isaac Asimov’s works.

The story itself was based loosely off of Asimov’s stories, though the title was changed against Asimov’s wishes long ago.

2. Denzel Washington was offered the role of Spooner. 

This would have been the second role in which he would have had an artificial limb if he’d agreed to the part. Virtuosity was the first.

1. It makes use of the Wilhelm Scream.

If you’re not sure what this is then look it up, there are several clips depicting the Wilhelm Scream. It’s been used in a lot of movies and even in TV a few times and is pretty easy to recognize if you’ve heard it before.

It wasn’t the greatest movie ever made but it was thought-provoking and interesting overall.

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