10 Movie Characters that Walk with a Limp

Going into this idea it’s important to state that no one is making fun of anyone with a disability and a limp can be anything from a slight hitch in your step that’s not a normal part of one’s gait to a full-on stumble forward since there’s no other choice. But while some characters come upon their limp naturally, others have it forced upon them by unnatural circumstances that might not have been avoidable. The point is that in movies, a limp can be anything from a term of endearment to something that people have to deal with in a very real way because there was nothing they could do to stop whatever caused it. And then there are those limps that are meant to gain sympathy and in the end, turn out to be entirely faked since they had something to do with the character and the big reveal at the end of the movie.  Here are ten movies that feature people that walk with a limp. 

10. Paul Sheldon – Misery

Sometimes it’s best if an author doesn’t meet their number one fan, especially if that fan is Annie Wilkes since this woman was beyond unhinged. Paul was taking a huge chance just trying to move around the house without knocking anything over or stumbling over anything. But when Annie found out that he’d been out and about, she must have gotten it through her head that he’d been walking, since otherwise, hobbling him in such a manner doesn’t make a lot of sense. In the book though it was a little different. 

9. Sarah Connor – Terminator 2: Judgment Day

This is another time when a hitch in the step is easy to rationalize since Sarah was hit in the leg with a bullet, meaning that she’s not going to have full use of that leg for a while, assuming she survived. Obviously she did, and if Dark Fate is any indication, the bullet didn’t cause any major damage since she was up and walking around without any problems at all. Of course, in the heat of the moment, it was probably tough to get around in an environment like this. 

8. Mr. Glass – Unbreakable

When your nickname is ‘Mr. Glass’ it’s best to assume that you shouldn’t be attempting to totter down a flight of stairs, and should probably just call it good and not worry too much about the guy you wanted to question. Seriously, who in their right mind would even be out walking this much if their bones were that brittle? We’re all for living your life, but if a stiff wind can make your bones tremble, stay home. 

7. Davey Jones – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

You’ve got to wonder how long it took him to balance on that crab leg after the transformation, especially when he was likely used to having two solid boots beneath him that he could easily balance with. But it didn’t appear to bother Jones at all since he moved out quite easily. But in the third movie when he lifted his leg to kick someone, that was awkward. 

6. Freddie Freeman – Shazam!

This is pretty common with a lot of kids that have disabilities when one has to deal with the mockery of other kids. You either develop a sense of humor or you don’t, since the world isn’t going to be that kind to someone that can’t do what most others can. But Freddie managed to get around just fine and his wit and sarcastic sense of humor were more than enough to make him a great character in this movie. 

5. Doofy – Scary Movie

Did anyone see Doofy coming? Yes? No? He was a pretty innocuous character for a while since he was playing the mockery of Dewey from Scream, and he did it pretty well, even when going over the top with the drool and the other quirks. But the limping gait that he affected all the way through the movie until the end was kind of impressive since the act alone was worthy of an award. 

4. Daniel Plainview – There Will Be Blood

This is the kind of man that you can’t help but listen to when he talks, even if he’s shouting at you and berating you, a person is compelled to listen. Plainview was the kind of man that forged ahead no matter what kind of obstacle was placed in front of him. He broke a limb? Oh well, he keeps going. An oil fire happens? Oh well, keep going. A preacher needs humbling? Oh hells yes, he’s going for it. 

3. Dr. Daniel Schreber – Dark City

Dr. Schreber is the kind of guy that you don’t really know how to feel about at first since he is helping the Strangers, but he’s also working against them in a way that one can’t really understand at first. Once his plan is finally revealed it’s still hard to like him entirely, but he definitely isn’t the villain any longer. 

2. Verbal Kint – The Usual Suspects

In retrospect, it feels as though Verbal should have been a suspect all along when it came to being the main bad guy, but the movie rolled along in a manner that made him appear to be a little less than capable. That’s when a story is well crafted when you don’t suspect much of anything until near the end. 

1. Jack Torrance – The Shining

So what’s scarier, Jack limping down the hall, or through a snowy maze with an ax, or Jack just standing still and staring out the window as he slowly loses the last few marbles he had? That’s kind of a toss-up for a lot of people. 

A limp isn’t always a handicap, after all, sometimes it’s a clever plot device. 

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