10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zoe Robins

Zoe Robins has been in the industry for well over a decade, but it wasn’t until the last few years that her career really began to make some serious strides. She got a huge break when she was cast as Hayley/the White Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. After being on the show for a year, Zoe started to get lots of attention from fans and people within the industry. She got another major opportunity when she was cast in the upcoming Amazon Prime series, The Wheel of Time. The show is set to be released at some point in 2021 and lots of people are looking forward to seeing what Zoe and the rest of the cast do with the story. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Zoe Robins.

1. She Was Born In New Zealand

Zoe is a very private person and there isn’t much information about her life before becoming an actress. We do, however, know that she was born and raised in New Zealand. According to Nail Buzz, she is of Nigerian descent. The website also mentions that she currently lives in Los Angeles although neither of these things could be confirmed.

2. She’s Not Active On Social Media

It appears that she may have had an Instagram account at one point in time, but at the moment Zoe doesn’t appear to have accounts on any social media platforms. This may have something to do with the fact that she enjoys her privacy, or she could simply be taking a break from the internet until The Wheel of Time is released.

3. She’s A Formally Trained Actress

We weren’t able to find any information about what inspired Zoe to get into acting, but in an interview with a news station in New Zealand, she shared that she underwent formal training at the Actors Program in Auckland in 2014. While there, she was able to learn several different aspects of acting and the entertainment industry as a whole.

4. She Might Have A Child

Being an actress is the job Zoe is most well known for, but it may not be the most important one she has. Nail Buzz mentioned that Zoe is the mother of a little boy named Kaiyon. However, no other sources mentioned this information so it’s unclear whether or not it’s true.

5. She Has Several Fan Pages

Zoe may not be active on social media, but that hasn’t stopped her fans from showing her love all over the internet. There are several fan pages on Instagram that are dedicated to Zoe. These pages typically just repost photos and information from other parts of the internet. There is also a YouTube fan channel for Zoe.

6. She Has Theater Experience

Zoe has spent the majority of her career doing on-screen work. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t capable of putting on a good show on the stage. She has been a part of several theater productions over the years including The Bacchae and Waiting. According to her resume, she hasn’t done any plays since 2014.

7. She Likes To Inspire Young Actors

Now that Zoe has found a good amount of success in her career, she hopes to be a guiding light for the next generation of young actors. She enjoys using her position to help others. She even returned to the Actors Program to speak to current students about her experiences in the industry.

8. Lots Of People Are Excited About Her Being Cast In The Wheel Of Time

Since The Wheel of Time is based on a book series that already has a large following, it’s extremely important that the casting for the series be done right. So far, it appears that fans are excited about the cast and many have expressed that they think Zoe is the perfect person to play Nynaeve.

9. She’s Never Owned A Dog

Anyone who has ever had a dog probably can’t even imagine what life would’ve been like without a furry friend. Zoe, however, can’t relate to that feeling at all. During an interview with Ernie’s Brain Freeze, Zoe shared that she’s never had a dog. As a result, she had to spend extra time getting comfortable when working with the dog on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

10. She Would’ve Loved To Rock Her Natural Hair For Power Rangers

Anyone who has seen Power Rangers Ninja Steel probably remembers that Zoe’s character had straight hair. This was a decision made by the production team, but while talking to Ernie’s Brain Freeze, Zoe revealed that she would have been happy to wear her natural hair for the series.

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