10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zach Rance

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zach Rance

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zach Rance

“Big Brother,” is a popular reality television show, but not everyone watches it. Those who do know the cast members well, but those who don’t have never heard of most of the people who made their names a little famous on the show. Zach Rance is one of those guys. He was part of the show. Either you know him or you don’t but if you don’t, that’s all about to change. He’s making major headlines right now as he goes through a few things in his life, and it’s been a very interesting few days for the young reality star.

1. He’s Young

He’s still young. He turned 30 in 2020. We hope he had a chance to celebrate. We assume that since his birthday was September 9 (1990) that he did have a chance to go out and have some fun since so much of the world was opened back up at that point.

2. He’s From Florida

He’s a Florida boy through and through. He was born and raised in Palm Beach Gardens. It’s a lovely little community north of Miami where people go to relax, enjoy the nice weather, and spend the entire year on the golf course, at the beach, and dining al fresco.

3. He Loves Golf

As a born and raised Floridian myself, I can attest to this. You know how to play golf. You enjoy playing golf. It’s a real thing, and with so many courses everywhere you look, it’s never dull. He’s an avid golfer, and he is someone who clearly likes to spend time doing the things he enjoys. We feel that.

4. He’s Close to his Brother

When he was joining the cast of Big Brother in Season 16, he said the most difficult part of the journey for him would be being away from his brother. He’s already been away in college at the time, and he missed him. He was already missing him, but being isolated in the house would make it even more difficult. It is always lovely to see siblings with a close bond.

5. He Has a Random Fear

Let us preface this one by saying that we all have a random fear. Honestly, we all have one. Zach Rance, however, is afraid of raccoons. It’s funny to us because we so rarely see the nocturnal animals. When you think about it, however, they do like to hang out in the trash can and eat trash, so that does kind of make them more than a little disgusting and creepy, right?

6. He’s a College Grad

We might sound just a tad biased here, but he graduated from our school. He’s a University of Florida graduate. Go Gators! He’s very proud of himself and he’s very proud of this accomplishment. We know that he majored in economics, and we love that he is proud of himself and that he took the time to complete his education. It’s a lot of hard work at UF, and he did it.

7. He Recently Came Out as Bisexual

We aren’t surprised by this, and we doubt that any of his fans are, either. Anyone who watched his season of the show probably had a pretty good idea, but he made it official in December 2020 by coming out publicly. He also called out his former housemate for being one of the guys he hooked up with. That would be Frankie Grande, though none of you are surprised by that if you know. They were often asked about how close they were on the show.

8. Frankie Grande is a Famous Brother

Yes, the Frankie Grande we are discussing here is the brother of famed superstar Ariana Grande. Ironically, they were just friends at first. Zach Rance was very clear about the fact that Grande is the first man he’s ever been with, and that he was totally straight up to that point. He always liked women, and he was very unsure of what was happening to him as he got closer and closer to Frankie Grande. He fell hard for him and wasn’t sure about his life after that. He needed some time to sort out his feelings.

9. He Says He Leans More Towards Heterosexuality

He’s a man who considers himself bisexual, but he also feels he is more heterosexual than bisexual. He made it very clear he hooked up with Frankie Grande and then with a photographer who happened to be a man, but that those are the only two. He said, “The more I thought about being with a guy…you know, making out is one thing. But, doing more than making out with a guy is something that I just don’t want to do, and I’d never tried it,” and now things have changed.

10. He’s Been on Soap Operas

Did you know this fun fact? He once starred in a few episodes of the hit show, the Bold and the Beautiful. It’s a fun fact, but we don’t know if he has any dreams of becoming an actor outside of this one-time situation.

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