Whatever Happened to Laura Leighton?

Whatever Happened to Laura Leighton?

Whatever Happened to Laura Leighton?

If you watched Melrose Place in its prime then you saw Laura Leighton for certain since she was quite popular during the 90s and earned her way into the 2000s after becoming one of those in the business with a great deal of sex appeal and a very devoted fan base that loved watching her on screen. She’s still doing her thing at this point but it’s fair to say that while popularity hasn’t soared beyond the horizon a lot of people still might not know who she is since they were either too young or not born yet when she made her big debut and therefore don’t know much of anything about her. There are those that happen to enjoy shows and movies from the 90s but there are many more that would have no clue who Laura is simply because they’ve been raised in an era with very different stars, some of whom did come from the 90s but somehow managed to stand out even more than those that many of us are still likely to remember. It does make a person feel just a bit old at times when the realization hits that the people we enjoyed watching back in the day are now hitting their late 40s and 50s, as Laura is currently 51, and still looking fantastic for her age really. But while it’s great to see that she’s still working the truth of it is that she has taken a back seat to the stars of this era in a big way and has become one of the many that are still doing what they enjoy apparently, but are forced to do what they can with the parts they’re given.

She did come back to Melrose Place in 2009 and she was part of Pretty Little Liars, so it’s not as though she’s fallen off the face of the earth, far from it. But lovely as she still is there is that feeling that Laura is still past her prime and competing with younger talent that can get the attention they want with a look or a simple pose is bound to be harder than one might think. Speaking from a slightly older point of view it’s far more impressive when a person that’s been there, done that, and was rocking the whole young person vibe before many of those now taking over were even in diapers is a lot more impressive. Younger actors today are a dime a dozen, much as they’ve been for some time, but those that have been in the business long enough to know what it’s about and know how to find ways to stick around are those that have earned the respect and admiration they’re given and have more than earned their place. It’s because of this that actors such as Laura don’t really need the flash and pomp as much any longer since they know how to get the job and they know how to get it done in a manner that doesn’t force them to play the kind of game that strips anything away from their character, especially their dignity.

As far as her net worth goes Laura has amassed an impressive fortune and net worth that has kept her comfortable and quite well-kept for a good while now. So long as she’s working there’s no reason to think that she’s just going to drop out of the business and become a non-entity since she’s more likely to find another way to earn whenever she does bow out of show business, if that day ever comes. One great thing that can be said about a lot of actors, young and older, is that a good number of them have learned that it’s not just about how much money you make but how much you end up holding onto so that you have something to rely on as you get older, since not every actor is bound to stick with show business for their entire life and it’s usually wise to have something to sustain yourself if things ever go sideways. Many actors have their own small businesses or full-fledged companies and some have made sound investments that are currently earning them a healthy return that could help immensely if they ever found themselves in the financial weeds. Laura is one of the many that might not have the most impressive net worth in the world but has more than enough to take care of herself and her family should the need ever arise. Apart from that, the fact that she’s still working and obviously still in love with her position as an actress is something to be immensely proud of since like so many others she’s earned her way up and proven that she has what it takes to stay the course.

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