Five Things You Didn’t Know about Odette Annable

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Odette Annable

Who is Odette Annable? If you are a big fan of television shows like Brothers & Sisters, House, or the movie Cloverfield, you are probably already familiar with her work. If you haven’t ever watched any of those programs, you really don’t know what you’ve been missing. In a nutshell, Odette Annable is an extremely talented actress who is more than capable of portraying a wide array of challenging characters. However, you might not know the following five things about her, even if you have been an admirer of her work for years.

1. Both parents immigrated to the United States

You can imagine her pride in her parents, not to mention her distinct heritage. She has the distinction of enjoying the rich heritage from both parents while simultaneously having the opportunity to enjoy being an American citizen. Her father is from Columbia and her Mother is from Cuba.

2. She found romance on the set

While it isn’t a foreign concept for co-stars to fall in love, it doesn’t happen as often as you might think it does. With that being said, there are those times when people start out as co-stars and then fall in love for real. That is exactly what happened when she was starring in Brothers & Sisters, as she ended up marrying her co-star, Dave Annable. Today, they are still in love and they even have a child together.

3. She started her career at an early age

If you think you have seen her before, you’re right. She had a role as one of the kids in the movie Kindergarten Cop. As a matter of fact, so was only five years old when she landed this role. You might say that it helped propel her to fame, as it gave her the opportunity to enjoy additional acting roles as she got older. Obviously, it worked out well for her because she has gone on to great success as a young actress.

4. She considers Spanish her first language

As you might remember, both of her parents are immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries. She has also commented in the past that roughly half of her family only speaks Spanish, and that is the language she grew up speaking. As a result, she still considers it her first language, even though she has obviously been speaking English long enough to have mastered the language.

5. She loves tough acting roles

Like most actors and actresses, she really enjoys it when she has the chance to test her abilities as an actress. She has commented that it can be hard to deal with these types of roles, because in order to do them properly, she has to let the emotions of her character come to the surface. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get those emotions back under control after the scene has ended, but she still enjoys having the opportunity to stretch herself as an actress.

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