10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anouska De Georgiou

One British woman has been in the spotlight recently for claiming to have been sexually abused by a man who associates with Prince Andrew. The claims have resulted in the Prince also being implicated in the scandal although he has denied any involvement. The brave woman is none other than Anouska de Georgiou, and here is everything you need to know about her.

1. She was a college mate of the Duchess of Cambridge

Everyone wants to be associated with a celebrity. We, therefore, even ask them to take a picture with us for us to boast to our friends on Instagram. Anouska, however, does not have to go to such lengths. She went to Marlboro College, the same period when Kate Middleton was also a student there. Some have claimed it to be untrue that they were in the college at the same time since Anouska is four years older than Kate.

2. She is accusing Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing her as a teenager

Women will be sexually abused and remain silent for fear of stigmatization. Besides, at times it happens at an early age, and the perpetrator threatens to kill them if they tell anyone. Unfortunately, Anouska had to go through such an ordeal in her teenage years. She came out to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of sexually abusing her, and the minute she did, 22 other women came forward with the same allegations. Anouska revealed as reported on Metro that she was abused for several years, and it affected her ability to maintain healthy relationships. Since Jeffery died in an apparent suicide, Anouska is relieved that he can no longer hurt other women.

3. She rejected an offer to study law at Harvard

For anyone to be accepted at Harvard, their academic qualifications are way above average. Anouska, therefore, boasts of being witty, and it is her brains that resulted in Harvard accepting her to study law. Getting a law degree demands the applicants to have a GPA of at least 3.75 and once approved, the course takes three years of studying full time. With her wild spirit, Anouska knew that would be too much for her. She, therefore, opted to turn down the offer and instead chase modeling.

4. She has an eye for actors

The heart always wants what it wants; at least that is what Selena Gomez leads us to believe. Anouska’s heart is quite selective, and she always goes for actors or other high-profile members of society. She has been romantically linked to actors like Lee Ryan, Amaury Nolasco, Jared Leto, and David Hasselhoff. Further, Anouska has been in an on and off relationship with Hon Robert. Her exquisite taste in men has also led her to date Eddie Spencer-Churchill and James Gooding.

5. She was a model for Playboy

Playboy is the go-to magazine for anyone looking for some erotic pleasure. The beautiful women who pose nude are every man’s dream with celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith having made a fortune from gracing those pages. Anouska was not left behind; her gorgeous body was also flaunted on Playboy. Most likely, it contributed to her high net worth since the average salary per year is around $47,000.

6. She is an actress

Anouska may not be anywhere near the likes of Lucy Liu or Angelina Jolie, but she still has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, mainly acting. Since the panic loves anything related to sex as depicted by how often people visit pornographic sites, Anouska’s acting career was boosted when she appeared in “Alfie.” In the film, she plays a blonde woo has a very wild threesome with Jude Law. The fact that she had no problem getting into the role so fast also speaks as to how comfortable she is with posing nude in front of cameras.

7. She allegedly had Donald Trump under her spell at 20

They say a woman was created to woo a man. It is, therefore, no surprise that great men have fallen prey to the charms of woman, with the ideal example being that of Samson and Delilah. Anouska is one beautiful woman who does not shy away from portraying her God-given as well as artificial assets since she had a boob job. At only twenty, Anouska was turning heads, and when Donald Trump was introduced to the young woman, he could not resist falling for her. According to The Times UK, when the current president of the United States met Anouska through Miss Maxwell, he fell under her spell. The closeness of the relationship is not disclosed but seeing the people through which he came to meet her, we can only assume that they were indeed very close.

8. Her family background

Anouska’s life may seem admirable from afar, but her childhood was quite complicated. He mother is an ex-model who came from an upper-class family while her father was an entrepreneur unfortunately her parents divorced, and Anouska’s mother remained with her. Her father is in San Diego and is a multimillionaire who supports Anouska and her siblings. Although Anouska barely talks about him, they still are in contact and will see each other once in a while since her father travels a lot due to his nature of work.

9. She is a singer

Anouska knew that she wanted to be a singer since she was a child, but it is not until she hot 17 that she became serious about it. Her angelic voice captivated Seal as she sang in a piano bar at Cap d’ Antibes. At 26, she released her first album. Although she still wanted to pursue other careers such as acting since her ambition always pushes her to become an independent, wealthy woman, music remained her passion in her late twenties. Anouska is comfortable with nudity that the CD she produced unfolded to reveal her buttocks.

10. Her net worth

Anouska lives a high-maintenance life, jetting from one town to another, and wearing designer clothes. For a person who admits to being fiercely ambitious, it is no surprise that she wants all that life has to offer no matter the cost. Luckily for her, she is hardworking too and can afford to buy more than 250 pairs of shoes. According to Net Worth Post, her profession as an actress has resulted in her net worth going up to $700,000. Additionally being a model is bound to get to pay her handsomely.

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