10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eleanor Snitchery

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eleanor Snitchery

Snitchery is a self-described nerd who likes things a certain way, prefers to live her life outside the box, and who enjoys focusing on what’s important in her world. It might not be her legal name, but it absolutely works for her. The YouTube creator has amassed a huge following making vlogs about her specific interests, which just so happen to be makeup and cartoon characters. In fact, she spends her life making herself over into cartoon characters with her makeup skills, and to call her talented is a gross understatement. She is amazing.

1. She’s Young

She was born in 1996. We believe her precise date of birth is September 29, 1996. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her family. Her childhood was spent enjoying makeup, learning new tips and tricks, and focusing on how she could make herself look like her favorite characters.

2. She is A Lifelong Fan of Beauty

Her love of beauty and makeup began when she was a small child. She didn’t go through her own life focused on things that were not important to her, and makeup was always on her radar. That’s allowed her to work for many years honing her skills and becoming the best of the best.

3. She Has a Real Name

While the world may know her as Snitchery, she was born with a lovely name. She is Eleanor Barnes. It works for her, doesn’t it? She’s currently living in Virginia with her family while the COVID-19 pandemic hits New York City so hard – it’s where she was living prior to the pandemic hitting.

4. She is Not Snitchery From Harry Potter

Her fans often assume that she chose her name based on the Snitches in Harry Potter (the gold flying ball that Harry must catch when he plays Quidditch for Gryffindor). In fact, it has nothing to do with Harry at all. It’s all about a line from a Nicki Minaj song. It’s really that simple.

5. She Began Posting Content in College

It was her freshman year, and she made the decision to go online and post a few photos of herself in her makeup. That turned into a full-on vlog experience in which she gave makeup lessons for those curious to know how she does what she does and why, and now she’s an internet sensation.

6. Her Mom Calls Her Obsessive

Her mother says her daughter’s personality is an obsessive one. She likes something so much that she goes with it from start to finish and only thinks about that one thing for as long as she can learn about it. She has been a fan of everything for as long as she can remember, and she does not dispute her mother’s claims.

7. Friends Thought She Was Adopted Growing Up

Being biracial, many people don’t realize she is also black. She grew up in a very upper-middle-class neighborhood in Virginia in which she describes everyone as being white and wealthy and very liberal, and they always asked her if she was adopted when they saw her mother picking her up from school.

8. Her Manager Introduced her to Loey Lane

She and the beauty vlogger who is so into the paranormal met a few years ago when her manager introduced them. It was a weird situation, too. Snitchery didn’t want to be managed by anyone else. She wanted to do it herself, but then a manager by the name of Jake reached out and wanted to help her work, and she saw that he also managed Loey Lane. At that point, she was like, “yes, this is cool!” and reached out. He introduced them, and they became fast friends.

9. She Honesty About Work She Does

When she has a filler done or some botox injected, she shares with the fans who follow her. It’s important for her to be transparent so that the world does not believe she is an unattainable kind of beautiful. She wants the world to know what she does so that they know that there is some work involved in the way she looks.

10. She Loves Travel

One thing she’s always loved to do is travel. She enjoys seeing the world, meeting new people, and exploring new places she’s never ben. It’s a passion of hers, and it works that she can work from anywhere and take on her love of traveling as often as she’d like. It’s a great way to live.

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