Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Reaches Out to Ashley

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Reaches Out to Ashley

Young and the Restless fans can never figure out what is going on with Jack and Ash. They are friends one moment, mortal enemies the next, fighting like the brother and sister they are the next. They can’t seem to find a place where they are happy about anything in their lives or with one another, but they are always coming back together for whatever reason. Is this week yet another moment when they will come back together for something?

We are going to see Jack reach out to his sister today but we don’t know why or what for. Will he reach out to her so he can find a way to get her to do things, or will he reach out to her because there is a real situation with their mother or even with Abby in Paris? Whatever it is, he feels that it’s important enough he contact her despite the stuff they are going through and dealing with right now.

This could mean a number of things for them, including the fact that they can’t get their lives together in a manner well enough for them to focus on anything else but their problems. Will they have a chance to do anything other than fight about things for even a moment? Can they get it together long enough to make things right in their lives? We just don’t know if what he has to say to her is important enough for her to make that decision and that move.

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