Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Nick and Chelsea Get Married?

Young and the Restless fans are hearing some rumors that perhaps Nick and Chelsea might end up married. He will find out abou this son, of course, and he will find out a few other things he doesn’t want to know and this is a great storyline to make that even more awful for him. You see, if he proposes to her and she says yes, it will only make her lies about knowing his son is not his own son that much worse for him. And there is something else we might just hear about this situation.

We hear that if they get married, it’s the gateway for Adam’s return. The rumor mill has been going crazy for almost a year now about his big return, but nothing has come of it. We hear that this might be possible and there could be a new Adam in town soon, so it makes sense to see how awful this situation can be before it gets even more amazing.

If these two get engaged and plan a wedding only for Nick to find out at the happiest time of his life that his almost-wife knows that his son actually belongs to her dead husband — his dead brother — and then her dead husband walks into the room, it would be amazing television. But we don’t know anything more than this is another rumor going around that some fans might be excited to potentially see coming at them.

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