Young and the Restless Production Paused Amid COVID-19 Social Distancing

Young and the Restless fans are very much aware that the worldwide pandemic called COVID-19 has reached the United States with a vengeance. We know that this is something we have to deal with, that it is something that is not going to stop until we can do our part to make it stop, and that is will continue to make our lives more inconvenient, worrisome, and uncertain for a few more weeks before things begin to improve and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This virus is spreading quickly, which means that it’s something we have to prevent right now. We have to do something to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent the complete overwhelm of the American healthcare system, which is a crisis we are too fearful to even imagine. However, we also have to face the facts; things are not going our way. This means that many people are out of work, small businesses are struggling, people are working from home, kids are missing weeks of school, and nothing is the same.

Production is Halted

Please allow us to share the message we shared with our other soap fans:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to update the world with many different ideas, concepts, and pieces of advice for each person to follow. These are meant to help minimize risk, keep the elderly and those who have compromised immune systems safe, and hopeful to prevent the mass chaos that would ensue if everyone in the country became ill at the same time and overwhelmed the medical community as a whole.

Part of that responsibility is sharing updated information with the country that includes the suggestion that no group of people gather in any capacity if there are more than 10 people. This means that shows are halting production, teams and shutting down, and the world is basically coming to a stand-still in the most literal sense. It’s scary, but the cast and crew of Young and the Restless understand that some things are just more important than keeping the country entertained every day when lives are at risk.

Right now, the best thing that CBS can do is to make sure that everyone is sent home where they can all practice their social distancing. To keep everyone home means that they reduce the risk of spreading this disease around the world more than it already is. It minimizes the risk that everyone is under, and it makes things more hopeful. It’s dark. It’s scary. It’s uncertain. Many of us are afraid of the unknown, and this is something that is more unknown than just about anything. None of us has ever been through something like this. We don’t know what it means, how it will work, or how ugly it will get before it begins to get better. We simply don’t know. We just know that we have to make hard choices that will ultimately pay off.

The Good News

We are always a little hopeful that we can find good news in just about anything. One of the pieces of good news we are happy to share is that this going to change in about two weeks. The people behind the show are hoping they can bring everyone back to work by the beginning of April. This means two very uncomfortable weeks, but it also means there is an end in sight for those who love the show. The show also films six weeks in advance, so you will get to see new episodes this entire time.

In this time, though, we have to ask that you do what you can. Two weeks at home is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. If we can all work together to put a slow down on this situation, we can go back to our regularly scheduled lives a lot faster. However, if we don’t listen and we continue to go out and infect people and spread this around, we risk a lot more. For one, we put the world on hold even longer. This means that we have to do the right thing, be careful, and be smart.

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