Yellowstone: “No Kindness for the Coward” Recap

It’s definitely time to pick sides or just stay out of the mess when it comes to Yellowstone, since (spoilers) it’s apparent that John Dutton has no intention of allowing his adopted son Jamie to dictate the pace of the coming run for governor of Montana. But it’s a little too apparent that Jamie’s actual father, Garret Randle, will be doing everything he can to push his son toward the governor’s office, which is bound to bring him up against the Dutton’s once again. This time, however, with the mother of his son and his former campaign manager at his side, it would appear that Jamie is gaining the confidence he needs to be truly dangerous. The only problem for Jamie is that as many secrets as he has about the Duttons, he’s just as liable to be hurt by them. In the meantime, Beth is using Summer and her protestors to get exactly what she wants, bad press for Market Equities, which will play right into her hands if things go the way she wants. One might think that Kayce Dutton would be the only one to keep his hands clean and clear of anything at this point. 

But Kayce has his own issues at the moment, as he and his family are back on reservation land with their own house and their own lives, but with a strange wolf issue that might not be a huge issue, unless Kayce jumps the gun. If he shoots the wolf that shows up just outside his fence line, it might cause problems, but if he doesn’t it might cause problems. Plus, having to think that Monica is pregnant isn’t about to help matters. Compared to the rest of the Dutton’s however, Kayce’s problems are kind of small at the moment, since it would appear that he’s distanced himself enough from his family to gain peace of mind that was badly needed. 

How long that will last is anyone’s guess since the episodes leading up to the finale are bound to be a little tense as Kayce has to worry over the wolf, and his family has to worry over John and Jamie going head to head as the fate of the state and the ranch are in question. It’s bound to be interesting to find out if Beth’s machinations are going to bear fruit or if she’s playing against an opponent that is a little cannier than she’s used to. There are so many moving parts at the moment that it’s tough to think of what’s going to happen at any given moment, but the action and the intrigue aren’t stopping as it’s now being shown how James Dutton and his wife Margaret, and their family, are surviving in the untamed country with flashbacks showing the Duttons’ early life in the valley. It might also show the death of James Dutton, as indicated by Margaret’s scream as he limps inside after being shot in the pursuit of horse thieves. Fans are actually encouraged to tune into 1883 on Paramount+, where it’s currently streaming. The prequel has managed to get off to a slightly quicker start than the regular show but is also introducing several faces without a lot of exposition as the story continues to roll on. 

Yellowstone has come to represent the idea that progress is not as desired as some people might think, especially when it comes to tearing apart the land that so many treasure to make it happen. From opening resorts to casinos to airports and creating destination cities that will attract the kind of attention that a lot of people, myself included, don’t care to contemplate, this show has made it clear that the old ways of life aren’t always that great, but they’re still important to keep around from time to time if only to make certain that they’re not forgotten. But in order to do such a thing, those that enjoy and follow or at least remember the old ways are going to have to do quite a bit to keep those that are ready to let progress reign at bay. The problem is that stopping progress is a serious Catch-22, as many have found out throughout history. 

Yellowstone has already shown that halting progress is not as easy as it sounds. But those who crave progress, who care nothing for the lands they’re destroying, are often those that will get their hands dirty the quickest. The Dutton’s have been fighting for their land since the show first aired, and the fight has gotten downright bloody at this point as there are few if any real innocents left in the show at this point. In fact, it could be said that Jamie’s son is the only true innocent left since even Tate has blood on his hands now. 

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