Who is the Worse Human Being: Chuck Rhoades or Bobby Axelrod?

In terms of who is the worst human being, Chuck Rhoades or Bobby Axelrod, the decision is kind of split down the middle for some people, but very definitive for others. Let’s put it this way, Rhoades is an agent of the government. He took an oath to uphold the law and all it stands for. Bobby Axelrod did not. He’s not a lawman, he’s out to make money any possible way he can. Is this always legal? Absolutely not, but he’s following his nature, not attempting to subvert the law in order to serve it. So as deplorable as both men are, Rhoades is definitely far worse.

Not convinced yet? Okay then, here’s a few things you should recall about Rhoades versus Axelrod.

Rhoades isn’t above turning a blind eye when it suits him.

His father was practicing inside trading and Rhoades didn’t bother to say a thing. Even as a son his duty to his country is clear. As an agent of the law he can’t pick sides and he can’t allow personal feelings to get in the way of his job. Because of this Rhoades is guilty of stepping outside the boundaries of his duty.

Axelrod is despicable, but he at least is following his nature.

Deplorable as it might be to defend anything that Axelrod does, he at least gives the illusion that he’s doing something good for the community and is charitable to a point. He might be hiding a load of something nasty and illicit behind his public good guy face, but he’s at least a personable character at times and isn’t bound to follow the law as Rhoades is. In other words, Axe is doing what he feels is right for himself and his company.

Rhoades doesn’t have the purest motives for separating from his wife. 

Chuck and his wife are having issues to be certain, but it has little to do with the fact that her employer is an immoral business man. There’s more than a chance that she’s not on the side of right either no matter the situation. Rhoades wants to be the only man in her life and won’t accept anything less.

Axelrod is doing what people expect of someone in his position.

A lot of people expect those with power, money, and influence to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. Axe isn’t doing anything that people wouldn’t think is natural for someone that stands to lose so much. He’s still a jerk, but he’s doing what others expect him to do, not something that might surprise anyone on a fundamental level.

Chuck shouldn’t even be in law enforcement at this point.

Rhoades has allowed ambition to guide him as he’s gone after Axelrod and anyone that might elevate his career. He’s let himself be swallowed up by the chance to take down a bigwig and put that always desired feather in his cap. He’s gone around the law, over it, and beneath it in the attempt to take down Axe and in truth, he’s done almost everything he can to bend and even break the law to get what he wants, which is power.

The issue between who is the worst person, Chuck Rhoades or Bobby Axelrod, is one that is kind of subjective depending on who you root for. There’s no doubt they’re both despicable in their own way, but Rhoades is the guy that should know better, and that makes him worse.

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