Workaholics 4.06 Review: “Brociopath”


Being a college student, I find it very amusing whenever the Workaholics guys poke fun at modern cultural experiences.  This season they opened up with a funny episode of three guys trying to get to an EDM concert gone wrong.  It’s funny because they really nail the situations and put together hilarious satires about the modern generation while still coming off as cool guys to everyone. It’s funny, and that’s why I appreciate Workaholics, because they are able to balance their content between original stories and plays on pop culture. Last night’s episode, “Brociopath” had these 30 year old slackers attempting to make up on lost opportunities and join a fraternity, mainly because of all the girls that frat guys are able to get.

Apparently Adam was going to join a frat once but decided it wasn’t for him, after the frat told him this wasn’t for him, so this is his second chance. As they are casually having drinks in the same bar as the frat brothers, they decide to throw the after party at their house. All three of them try to get a chant going to inspire everyone to show up, but get a little carried away when everyone just has to go down to blocks and take a left. It turns out Blake didn’t pay the electric bill, so the after party has no vibe to it and the college kids are ready to leave. Even Ders even attempts to keep people around… by suggesting that instead of watching Kindergarten Cop, they act it out.

A frat bro named Stan Halen, who’s also an Oakley rep, shows up at their house and saves the party by throwing together a big bowl of makeshift jungle juice with the rule, “if you want to enter the jungle, you have to go tribal.” The party gets wild and everyone is crazily drinking throughout the house.  People are going wild dancing and even eventually painting tribal designs onto their faces and bodies with ketchup and mustard. Eventually, the guys wake up the next day confused, but Stan is still there and ready to go Sunday bar hopping, a “frat tradition.” The guys hesitate, but Stan entices them with a chance to join his frat, as long as they “belong in the zoo.”

Stan, who enjoys working a Ron Burgandy joke into conversation as much as possible, takes them to a bar where he ends up getting them girls in the most unconventional way (laying in the street as their VW Jetta approaches). After 7 hours of making out, and Ders being a real studmuffin, their initiation has arrived, but Ders and Blake back out, while Adam stays to prove himself.  I thought it was sad but funny to watch Adam try so hard to fit in throughout the entire episode, only to be put down by Stan, yet, when push comes to shove, he turns out to be the most faithful one.

The best part of this episode arrived with its conclusion; after rigorous fraternity pledging, Blake and Ders discover that Stan was actually never in the fraternity at all, and is just a “brociopath” or “psychbropath” (your choice). This leads them rushing home to save Adam from this American psychbro (ha, that one’s mine), before it’s too late.  They find him Saran wrapped with a beer box over his head, and before they know it, Stan has them locked in the house. A wild chase ensues, ending when Stan brands himself with the KZN letters, eventually passing out and waking up to be taken away in an ambulance.  The guys decide to throw one last college level rager while the makeshift cardboard KZN letters sit perched on the roof, only to realize that all of the alcohol is gone, and not even their best super bro Stan Halen impressions are cool enough to keep people from leaving.

I thought this was a really great episode of Workaholics that was a great play on the modern cultural depiction of fraternities and “frat bros.” I really love when they come up with clever satires like this that involve a little more than just catchy one liners. Even in last night’s episode, I wish that Adam had some better jokes; I think it would have rounded out the episode really well and had me laughing a lot more.  “Brociopath” was a solid episode of Workaholics, and probably my favorite of the season so far.  Adam has always sought out approval for everything he does; making a fraternity the ultimate achievement for him and seeing the three of them fail at the end and still be losers is what keeps the show true.

These guys are telemarketers whose closest friend outside of each other is Karl; and underneath the crude surface jokes, watching these lazy losers try to cut corners but never actually succeed is what keeps the show realistic and hilarious. The Workaholics create good stories with funny jokes, but don’t take themselves too serious, which is perfect, and why I look forward to each Wednesday in my week where I can sit down and expect to laugh.

My Moments of the Night:

–          Ders’ Arnold impression sounds more like a Frenchman.

–          Drink while you think — Stan’s main rule

–          Bill almost had to chug a 40 once, but turned it down and now spends his free time traveling around with flat Stanley.

–          “I’m… Ron Burgandy?”

What did everyone think of last night’s Workaholics episode? Let me know why you did or didn’t enjoy “Brociopath” in the comments!

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