Workaholics 4.05 Review: “Three And A Half Men”


Lately the Olympics have pretty much put every TV show that I watch in a weekly base onto hiatus until their finish, which is a huge pain, but luckily Workaholics is still coming out on schedule.  Last night’s episode, “Three And A Half Men,” was a good episode, but nothing exceptional.  I thought the general plot of the episode was goofy, but very fitting for the Workaholics guys, because it was another vulgar bro-session.  The premise of last night’s episode featured the guys being commissioned by Alice to film a new TelAmeriCorp documentary for $300; however, of course, Adam, Blake, and Ders decide to film their own documentary in hopes of eventually reaching Sundance and becoming the next great filmmakers.

So it turns Alice gives them a whole screenplay and script, apparently using the word synergy a lot, which sounds like, “the devil’s energy drink.” Yet, this doesn’t cut it for Ders and his new Spyfocals, and he thinks the guys should take the [$300] budget and shoot a documentary that will be a huge hit.  Eventually Karl shows up to provide lighting, completely irrelevant lighting, for the flick, and they start to brainstorm some Oscar worthy documentary ideas.  After a little while, Adam and Ders team up on Blake and decide that the documentary should be about him and embarrassing parts of his life, to which he redirects the attention to Karl and how he is tired of living moment to moment and considering getting surgery. The entire sequence was pretty good; there were some good one liners, but I was a little unsure about the plot and just felt unenthused by it because it was pretty raunchy.

Adam is under the impression that the best documentary would be to film him eating as many raw hotdogs as he can, which is super unhealthy and a stupid idea, according to Ders. Adam is constantly the funny one-line guy, which isn’t a bad thing at all. When the episodes feel a little flat, viewers can at least count on his silly nature to provide some laughs for the night. Eventually, in last night’s episode, after being rejected by Blake and Ders, he gets the hots for Karl’s surgeon’s assistant. He thinks that she is into him and impressed by his massive consumption of raw hotdogs. When he finally seems to be closing the deal, he discovers that he is unattracted to the woman.

Meanwhile, as Karl is about to go under for his surgery, Blake realizes how good of a friend Karl is and can’t let him go through with changing himself. He runs in and the surgery is halfway done, but the (possibly drunk) surgeon claims they can just stich everything back up and Karl will be good as new.  The doctor was really funny in last night’s episode, his lackadaisical attitude towards performing surgeries seriously made me laugh, especially in the scene I just mentioned. Next we see Karl waking up after his surgery and immediately regretting the decision, thinking the surgery has still happened, but is very relieved to find out he is still himself.  In the end, the guys’ big ticket documentary to Hollywood doesn’t come together (did we ever expect it to? No), but Alice is still in need of a video, so they surprisingly follow the script and do things according to the book. I thought for once the Workaholics might have accepted defeat, and actually done something normal and well for once, but of course the video ends with weird, yet hilarious, footage of Karl post-surgery.

My Moments of the Night:

–          Like I said, Adam is great; you can’t buy the amount of adrenaline he has and he always, “does his research.”

–           Karl is only 25?! He looks 45!

–          The surgeon does work for some pretty famous people; a stunt double from Rizzoli & Isles

–          Shout out to Ders tonight; I thought he was subtly hysterical wearing the Spyfocals while directing throughout the entire episode and constantly shifting oddly to get the perfect shots. I thought he was a lot funnier than usual in this episode.

[Photo via Taylor Hill/Getty]

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