Workaholics Just Isn’t That Funny Anymore

I got a chance to see the “Termidate” episode of Workaholics last night and while the concept was solid, I just don’t think the show delivered.   The show did a parody of some of dating shows you used to see back in the 90s, namely Blind Date.  Nina Dobrev guest starred as the girl who the guys would be pining after.   First of all, don’t ever try and do a Southern accent Nina.  I mean I know the whole thing was supposed to be a joke but it just wasn’t good.   And frankly I thought the entire show was just immature and there was just zero thought put into it.  There was an occasional 90s reference which I always like from these guys (even though they’re too young to have seen any of this stuff in real life).  P.S. that reference was to Eric Nies from The Real World which was kind of awesome.

But let’s just talk about the show itself and how I don’t think it’s funny anymore.  To Blake, Adam, and Anders, I have to say that Workaholics was once one of my favorite comedies on television.  You guys were all young, fresh, and brought me back to the days when I had multiple roommates, was single, and had a crappy job.  It’s a premise that works,  we can all relate to it, and you guys performed it beautifully.

But like many shows that run over 5 years, that novelty is wearing off.  It’s certainly not your fault.  The thing is, the guys are still funny.  The lines are still witty.  But it’s just hard to watch anymore because it’s like “I’ve seen that already.”  It’s why it’s nearly impossible for comedies to sustain themselves for too long a period.  And it’s not just comedies either.  Having a show last more than five years without it getting stale is extremely tough.  There’s just no way around that.

I’m at the point where I never laugh anymore when watching Workaholics.  Honestly I just think it was a function of time.  You gotta work extra hard to keep material fresh and new.  You can’t just recycle old ideas or try and be “more over the top” because then it just gets stupid, which is how the Termidate episode came off.

Again, I love Adam, Blake and Anders.  I think hanging out with these guys would be incredibly fun. I just don’t like their show anymore.  Oh well.

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