Wokeness has Seriously Damaged Willow

Wokeness has Seriously Damaged Willow
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How many people remember what the original movie was like at this point? There are plenty of people who grew up with the story of Willow in their lives, and the story as it remained acceptable for a long time. The idea that the story would ever become something that has been presented on Disney+ never ran through anyone’s head, at least not in an obvious manner. But now that three episodes have been released and the general thought is that what is being seen is what fans need to get used to, the fans have decided to speak, and a lot of them have made it clear that the series is kind of a bad joke that’s being forcibly attached to the original movie. There are a few things that can’t be avoided, such as the fact that Madmartigan isn’t going to return since Val Kilmer is in no shape to take on the role, and unless there’s a huge surprise coming, recasting him would likely anger the fans in a way that would tank the show entirely. But that appears to be happening anyway since what’s been released so far is the kind of nonsense that feels as though it makes the cheesy fantasy flicks of the 80s feel like masterpieces by comparison. The woke nature that has been rampant in Hollywood for several years now is continuing to touch everything that many people idolized during their youth, and Willow is just the most current casualty, but it probably won’t be the last. 

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Negative criticism isn’t necessarily the lack of acceptance from fans who are resistant to change. 

Willow has sustained a great deal of negative criticism at this point, and it’s not that fans are heavily resistant to change, it’s that they don’t care for poor storytelling and roles that are stated as being completely natural despite the fact that they feel incredibly forced. The relationship between Kit and Jade might not be that big of a deal, but forcing it down the throats of the fans and beating people over the head with the ‘girl power’ feeling that has been so prevalent in way too many movies lately has damaged the reputation of this series from the start. The fact is that people love to see strong and independent women in movies and TV, but the idea that they need to take over the story is a bit ridiculous since not only is Kit unlikable, but Jade doesn’t feel as though she could lead this story if called upon to do so. Unfortunately, neither could the namesake since the rumor that Warwick Davis’ acting has only decreased in value over the years is hard to dispute. 

The moment that the woke culture seeped into Hollywood, it was evident that finding quality content would become a treasure hunt. 

Being able to fall into the story is a sign that a show or a movie has accomplished what it sought to do. But with Willow, it’s almost as though there’s a barrier in place that requires a person to subscribe to woke culture and all that comes with it before they can really get into this series. The ideas, the beliefs, and the overall story had become corrupted in a way that feels as though it would have been laughed at and ridiculed back in the day when Willow was first created. Back then, the story was the most important aspect, and the main characters were parts of the story that knew their place and knew how to keep things interesting. Today, the actors appear to think that they’re the biggest deal and that people will watch just because of them. That’s not really what made Willow popular in the first place. 

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Some fans have had to watch the movie again to make certain that they’re not missing something vital in the transition between the movie and the show. 

It is easy to think that something might have been missed in the movie that might have something to do with why the series has been presented in such a manner, but if anyone has found that link yet, they’re not talking. Honestly, it’s likely that such a link doesn’t exist since back then, there were strong women, there were docile women, there were strong men, there were weak men, and yes, there were toxic individuals who sought to subjugate those around them. That’s called balance, and it’s something that the series is seriously lacking. 

If the series gets a second season, it will show that people care more about identity politics than the story. 

So far, identity politics and the characters and their attitudes are what is driving this story, and it’s a big reason why it doesn’t work for a lot of people. Willow was a fantasy story back in the day that had several interesting characters who were immersed in the story. As of now, woke culture has made certain that the fans are being given characters that are hard to care about and a story that’s paper-thin and easy to see through. 

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