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It’s been a wait, but Willow is here on Disney+, and it’s tough not to feel underwhelmed in a way. It’s also easy to be impressed due to the many elements that have gone into the return to this world. That’s why feeling conflicted is easy since Willow is a childhood favorite of many who might have been dubious or excited to hear about such a return. The look of the show at this time is quite easy to get into since it’s retained a great deal of the original flair, but upon hearing the dialogue and watching the progression of the story, it becomes easier to cringe at the forced dialogue that is initiated between the various characters. There is one very unfortunate development that couldn’t be avoided since it has to do with one of the main characters from the initial movie, and that’s the absence of Madmartigan. While he is discussed, it doesn’t sound as though he’s regarded in glowing terms by his daughter or by a few others in the kingdom. The fact that he married Sorsha is no surprise, but to think that Madmartigan would abandon Tir Asleen requires a much heftier explanation. 

Willow Episode 1 Review: 'The Gales' Is Refreshing Fantasy Fun

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Magic has been outlawed, apparently, though magic is what keeps the kingdom safe.

It would appear that Sorsha and everyone else believed that outlawing magic was the way to go, apart from creating the Barrier, which apparently protects the kingdom of Tir Asleen. The hypocrisy of this is already being dampened, supposedly, by the fact that the legend of Elora Danan, who has disappeared years before at this point, is about to become a major part of life in the kingdom.  As the story really opens, it would appear that Kit, Sorsha’s daughter, is to be married off to a man that she doesn’t know and immediately doesn’t like, while her friend and apparent love interest, Jade, is off to become a knight. Kit’s brother, Airk, is a womanizer who thinks he’s the second-best swordsman in the land, while everyone else is pretty much subservient to Sorsha, which is understandable since back in the day, she went through hell for the kingdom, alongside her husband. If Val Kilmer was capable of making a comeback as Madmartigan, it would have been nice, but as of now, that’s not really possible. 

Sorsha’s kids are, for lack of a better term, spoiled brats. 

They’re not horrible people, but being born to privilege and never having to want for anything has made Kit and Airk appear to be spoiled royals that do and say what they please without any ramifications whatsoever, apart from the fact that their mother will gladly come down on them hard if they step out of line. Still, the general feeling that Kit gives is that she’s not going to listen to anyone unless they’re willing to see things her way, and Airk is, well, he’s a kid that thinks he can get away with wooing anyone that he wants. Of course, that does appear to change when he states that he wants to remain true to Dove, the young scullery maid that has come to love him deeply. The twin siblings aren’t that horrible to be honest, as it’s not tough to think that they might get better as time goes on. But after Airk’s abduction by the dreaded Gales, it would appear that Kit is still just as unwilling to listen to anyone, as her way has to be the right way, and that’s that. 

A Powerful Evil Has Returned in 'The Gales' - The Good Men Project

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Bavmorda’s spirit has endured, it would seem. 

The statement that Bavmorda has survived somehow within Sorsha and the twins is unnerving in a way, but the overall threat appears to be that her actual spirit is out in the world and is actively hunting, or using the Gales to hunt, Elora Danan. After the attack upon Tir Asleen, it would appear that the Gales, horrific creatures that are insanely powerful and more than capable in battle, are going to be a serious obstacle for the adventurers that are selected to deal with. Thus far, the show feels as though it’s moving at a pace that’s a little too quick and is giving out exposition in huge chunks that might end up hurting the overall story once things really get rolling. 

The adventure forward is already looking uncertain. 

Thus far, this show is looking as though it’s going to fly by at a rapid pace and that the end of the first season, if there’s only going to be one, will end in a massive battle that will pit the Crone against the forces that Willow and his companions can muster. There hasn’t been any word on whether this show will extend into another season, but it’s also wise to note that it hasn’t been billed as a limited series, so there is some hope if things go well. 

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