Five Possible Storylines We’d Like to See in Willow 2

Five Possible Storylines We’d Like to See in Willow 2

Five Possible Storylines We’d Like to See in Willow 2

Right now it doesn’t sound like Willow 2 is going full-steam ahead, but Ron Howard is hopeful that they’ll really get going eventually since it does sound as though Warwick Davis is psyched to take up his old role again and get moving with it. But then there’s the idea of who’s going to come back and who will have to be replaced at some point since like it or not, a couple of the actors aren’t likely to still be around. But those are details that can be worked around thankfully since the story lines are what really need to be focused on in order to even worry about getting this thing off the ground. One could have the best actors in the world on hand, but if there’s no story then there’s no point. With Willow though the original movie did kind of go from start to stop in a classic sort of way that people like, they had a hero to cheer for and a villain to hate and by the end the villain was dead and the hero had saved the day. But whether or not Willow’s story will be able to really push forward in this manner is hard to say since there were plenty of ways to make it happen, though as I mentioned there will be a lot of technical details that need to be figured out before all that can go down.

Here are a few story lines that we’d like to see for the sequel.

5. Willow attracts the regard of another sorcerer.

Thinking back, Willow didn’t really reveal any hidden magic of his own apart from what he was given, such as the wand and a few acorns, but at the very least he did prove that he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve and a lot of courage to work with. So maybe there’s something more there than we’ve already seen. It could be that there might be a sorcerer out in the world that sees potential in him, or sees him as a threat. In any case the story definitely needs another big bad to face off against since the two main antagonists met their end near the final moments of the movie.

4. The Nelwyns attempt to open trade with the Daikini.

If you recall, the Nelwyns, dwarves in other words, and Daikini, humans, didn’t really have a lot to do with each other in the movie. This is normal depending on the story since dwarves and humans are quite a bit different. But since both could benefit from this meeting it’s also a good way to bring a new story line into the mix since the inclusion that’s bound to come from this idea is that the two peoples are bound to find some similarities among them and plenty of differences that might make for a good story.

3. Willow’s kids go on their own adventure.

Willow’s kids were kind of there and gone since they weren’t really part of the overall plot after leaving the Nelwyn village. But to think that his children might want to go out and be adventurous as he was, albeit reluctantly, might be nice since it would open up the story a bit and kind of give the impression that they were free spirits unlike their father. After all it’s likely that Willow would tell them stories and they might grow curious about the outside world and what it had to offer. If nothing else it moves the story in another direction that might prove to be kind of interesting.

2. Elora becomes ill and needs Willow to help her.

It’s kind of hard to think that Willow would ever forget the child that his family took in and whom he helped to reach her rightful place, though it might very well mean bringing Madmartigan and Sorsha back, and it’s not known whether Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley would want to return for their respective roles. It would be great to see them again to be completely honest, but a lot of time has passed and it might not be as possible.

1. Bavmorda returns as a necromancer.

It doesn’t feel too likely that Jean Marsh would return, largely because she’s in her 80s at this point, but seeing Bavmorda come back as an undead sorceress would be kind of a treat since it would mean that the kingdoms of humans and the efforts of the Nelwyn might need to band together. This idea feels like it would be great largely because Bavmorda was THE big bad of the movie and these days with the technology at hand it feels as though she could be truly impressive.

Whether or not Ron Howard thinks along these lines, this is what might be enticing at least, but it’d be great just to see Willow back.

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