Will There Ever Be a Good Fantastic Four Movie, Ever? Bueller?

Fantastic Four

There’s got to be an answer for the Fantastic Four hidden somewhere in the MCU. So far we’ve been given three different movies and a whole lot of awful, but I’ll risk it and say that the Thing from the latest version in 2015 was actually closer to the comics than the earlier movies. Turning Johnny Storm black wasn’t too bad but there was still enough done to the team that it seemed as though we were watching a cheap copy of the original comic that has captivated so many people throughout the history of Marvel. I can still recall as a kid getting excited when a new FF comic came out and either debuted a new or well-known villain or had a team-up with other heroes that the FF worked with on occasion. Bow however the comics have still been decent but the movies have been little more than a rolling dumpster fire that someone finally put in the corner to smolder. It’s hard to say what’s going to come next, but according to Ryan Scott of MovieWeb it sounds like the next director is going to at least try and keep the story as close to the comics as possible.

It’s kind of hard to wonder just why more comic book movies don’t stick as close to the original story as they can to be honest. A lot of heroes, and villains for that matter, have pretty easy origin stories that wouldn’t require a lot of work and could actually give more ideas for better and more reasonable effects than what we’ve received so far. I mean really, this last version of the FF had them traveling to another dimension where they acquired their powers, which is not how the original comic went. Instead, the first two movies with Jessica Alba actually came closer by having them rocket into space, though in the comic they weren’t quartered on a space station but were assaulted by the radiation while still in the rocket. After that they crash-landed and then started to change as their powers began to manifest. That seems pretty simple, right? It would likely still need to be updated in the next movie but it doesn’t seem as though it needs to be all that involved. Plus, given the enemies of the FF and how many they share with other heroes, it almost seems as though they could meet up with someone in their own movie or could have someone show up as an extra. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen since as of now Kevin Feige has the rights to FF and the X-Men but he doesn’t plan on using them just since there’s already so much being worked on in terms of future shows and movies.

It’s not likely that we’ll see the next FF movie before 2022 apparently which means that hopefully there will be something in the works as to a combined story that will bring everyone together again. It might be that we could do without a Civil War 2 since it would look extremely different at this point with Cap and Iron Man gone and Thor on the way out as well. But there are a lot of story lines that could be brought to bear that would include a wide number of heroes, maybe someone will even bother trying to develop a World War Hulk buildup since this was one of the biggest events in the Marvel universe that included teams and individuals that could barely touch the Hulk, let alone stop him. But the FF won’t be making their way into the MCU for a couple of years yet it seems as Chris Gates of Digital Trends and many others have said, though if that’s the case it could be that we’ll get to focus on the buildup to their emergence since at this point the MCU does seem to be gearing up for a big year in 2020.

Again though, the hope is that the director that seems to be interested in this will stick as close to the comics as possible since we’ve already seen a lot of deviations that have frustrated a good number of people and it’s largely due to the fact that Disney simply didn’t have the rights to the characters that might have otherwise made the Infinity Saga a LOT different. Think about the X-Men being involved, or the Silver Surfer, or the FF. Things would have been intense since with their level of power, aggression, and gathered intelligence the war could have been a lot different. But when the FF do come in it will likely mean that there’s a lot of explaining to do since given the fact that they’ve been around as long as a lot of the other heroes, people will want to know why they weren’t involved in the last war. And if they’re kids, well, there’s still going to be a lot of explanation.

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