Will There Ever Be Character Names as Fantastic as in “Growing Pains”

Will There Ever Be Character Names as Fantastic as in “Growing Pains”

Growing Pains was far and away one of my favorite sitcoms of all-time.  To this day my wife still tapes old episodes when they air on TV Land or Nickelodeon’s evening programming.  It’s a great show to watch when there’s not much on television.  Even in the 21st century it’s still a show that resonates.  Aside from the clothing I think the show definitely still holds up today.  But there’s one thing I remember from Growing Pains that as an adult still blows my mind.

First off there was a character called “boner” played by the late Andrew Koenig.  He was often referred to as “bone” and “the bone.”  His name “boner” came from his last name being “Stabone.”  But I mean, come on!  The guy’s name was “boner!”  Could this ever happen on TV today?

And to top it all off you had another character named “Stinky Sullivan.”  I just felt like reminding everyone of these two facts.  My personal feeling is that no sitcom in the history of television will ever match the simplicity and brilliance of having characters named “Boner” and “Stinky” ever again.

Thank you for your time.

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