Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Come Away”

Why We’ll Be Watching The Movie “Come Away”

Reading an early review for this movie is already making me feel a bit awkward about going to see it now since the trailer included quite a bit but somehow gave the feeling that Angelina Jolie could have easily been replaced and it might have been an improvement. The notion of Alice of Wonderland and Peter Pan being brother and sister isn’t really that creepy at all until reading the review, since apparently, the ending of the movie sees a grown-up Alice telling her children, Wendy, Peter, and John, of the story of her life and of how things changed when she was younger. The parents of Alice and Peter have a third child as well, but when the third child, David, is killed in a freak lightning storm it does sound as though the family descends into their own personal hell. Going dark isn’t an alien concept for a children’s tale, but it is something that requires a lot more explanation that what is being given apparently, but this review is just one of many and it could indicate that whoever saw the movie already wasn’t that impressed for one reason or another. The main reason that people might want to see this movie is that the legends of Peter and Alice are intertwined in a way that feels interesting, but could go deeper than what the trailer is showing. The story of Peter Pan would certainly have to change however if Alice gives birth to Wendy, Peter, and John simply because many people will have a preconceived notion of Peter and Wendy, and like it or not, being that Peter would be her uncle, in this case, that’s just all kinds of wrong.

Somehow it doesn’t feel as though the story would come to such an ending though, but the whole thing does feel a bit disjointed since it has the appearance of a fairy tale story that is being used to cope with the death of a sibling and son, and thus facilitates a descent into personal madness and a type of personal hell that the parents were attempting to stay away from but could no longer fight. In this manner, the kids would be forced to go off on their own and attempt to find a better way to live, which would be yet another element of a fairy tale that would be easy to recognize and interesting to see develop in a movie such as this. All in all, it does feel as though it’s worth watching at least once, but it also feels as though there will be a few disconnected moments in the movie that might keep people guessing at what’s really happening and why.

The nature of a fairy tale is an odd thing really since at the heart of it, the fairy tale is a versatile and free thing that should be able to change form and shape readily in accordance with who is telling the story. That’s why looking at this movie and simply assuming that it’s not worth the effort since it’s not telling the tale the way some people would prefer would be a big mistake. A fairy tale can be told in many, many ways, and it’s not bound by much other than the form and narration that a lot of people are expecting. But even this can be played with a bit since there are so many versions of each tale that bringing up a new one that people might enjoy could be interesting so long as it keeps certain elements of the story that people expect and can recognize without too much trouble. Since their inception and release, both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan have been stories that people have thoroughly enjoyed since they’ve been tales that we’re told as children and either forget as we grow older or hold onto and tell our children in an effort to keep the classics that we love alive in a very convincing manner. This is one more tale among the many that are to be told and to be experienced by the masses in an attempt to see if it sticks. The chances are good that it will since the delivery and the cast will help no doubt.

But the chance that it might be seen as useful as another version is still in question since the whole idea of creating a fairy tale movie, even one that has its feet firmly set in reality as well as the fantasy, is that people will pick at it as much as they can in order to point elements that just don’t work and elements that appear to be missing. On that note, it’s still worth it to go and see for yourself just whether the movie is something special or another attempt to recreate a fairy tale.

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