Why We’ll Be Watching “My Son” on Peacock

Every time a kid goes missing in a movie it almost feels as though the same type of act is going to be brought out by those that are involved in the story, and it’s usually not a disappointment since the honest to goodness truth is that those who have kids and those who have a heart are those that get righteously angry at the prospect of a kid being harmed in any way. There are many different elements to a kidnapping movie and it would appear that My Son on Peacock is bound to hit most if not all of them. But revealing that Jams McAvoy is working without a script and is giving raw and unfettered reactions is something else. Most people wouldn’t expect an actor to work without a script since like it or not, actors kind of need guidance as well when it comes to taking on one role or another, so being told that an actor was left to simply react and do what came naturally is definitely impressive. But apart from that, kidnapping movies are one of the many types that tend to hit a lot of people right in the heartstrings.

The end of the trailer might remind a lot of people of Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and several other impressive actors, as the mention that many kidnapping movies have similar elements is all too real, no matter the difference in location, situation, or the actual taking of the child. The main point is that the child is gone, someone dared to lay their hands on someone’s kid, and eventually, someone is going to go postal when it comes to questioning who they think is responsible. There are a lot of reasons that could be given as to why a parent would go completely savage on someone that had anything to do with the abduction of their child, and many of them feel entirely justified.

A kidnapping movie strikes closer to home than many people might want to admit since the whole intent behind it isn’t just to kidnap the child but to take something from the parents or guardians. The unfortunate part for the kidnapper is that unless they’re a stone-cold, heartless individual that will sacrifice their supposed meal ticket if things don’t go their way, they’ll have already taken something from the parents in such an instance. A lot of parents could give one reason or another as to why they would go savage on someone that touched their child in the wrong way, but one of the core reasons is that the child is a part of them, a part of their life, and as such is in their care. A successful kidnapping could easily make a lot of people feel ineffectual, as though they can’t protect those that are important to them, and therefore are a failure when it comes to keeping their loved ones safe. That’s one explanation. Another is that by touching their kid, the kidnapper has made it clear that some element out in the world can take from them anytime it wants and they can do nothing. People don’t like to feel helpless, as it breeds fear, which in turn breeds anger in many people that don’t want to feel powerless.

But bringing out the savage in a parent is one of the worst things a kidnapper could do since at that point unless they have every possible angle covered, they will have lost control, and that will be realized when the parent finally catches up to them. Unless the law is willing or able to step in before the parent has their way, there are a lot of kidnappers in this world that would likely wish for death long before it came. Some folks might think that’s an exaggeration since some parents wouldn’t take things that far either because they don’t give in to their baser instincts, or because they’ve forgotten them. But parents that are willing to do anything for their children, which includes causing harm to those that have anything to do with the kidnapping of their children, are far more dangerous than a lot of people give them credit for. A person fighting for their child is bound to do just about anything when it comes to giving the kidnapper their comeuppance.

That’s why this movie looks like yet another kidnapping movie, but also another one that could possibly hit hard and give people a reason to look on in righteous anger as the supposed guilty party is confronted by the irate father who is looking for his son. When it comes to movies and shows that have to do with people taking care of their children, there are many people that can’t help but feel this on a very personal level. The desire to see how James McAvoy plays this out is actually pretty intense.

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