Why Vanessa Kirby Would Make an Excellent Catwoman

When it comes to talking about the upcoming Batman movie you have to expect that the mention that Catwoman would be in discussions on a regular basis when it comes to villains and even when it simply comes to Batman himself, since the character is so intertwined with Batman and Bruce Wayne that it’s hard to keep her away without people wondering if she’s going to show up at some point. Well, according to Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb, Vanessa Kirby, who seems to be a fan favorite for the role, has no real idea whether or not she’s up for the role, but she is interested. So far she definitely seems to be one of the favorites and it’s not hard to see why since not only has she been impressive in the roles she’s taken on recently but she seems to have the look that might make her the perfect ideal for the iconic villain.

Craig Elvy of Screenrant seems to think that Penguin and Catwoman are currently the villains that are in line to be seen in the upcoming movie, and as some folks have already heard, Josh Gad is pushing to take on the role of the Penguin. Seeing Kirby as the iconic cat burglar/villain would be something uniquely special since her status as an action star at this point is being cemented thanks to her casting in the soon to be released Hobbs and Shaw, as she’ll be playing Hattie Shaw, a woman that’s just as aggressive and as skilled as her brothers, Owen and Deckard. The fact that she’s stepping up to take on an action movie alongside Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson is nothing less than impressive since it’s giving her a massive boost in terms of her career and her action credibility. The added bonus of having starred in Mission: Impossible-Fallout, is enough to make people think that she has what it takes to accept a role that is essentially acrobatic in nature but also largely dependent on her acting skills, which for some might be kind of difficult.

Catwoman has been acted out by a few different women throughout the years, and a couple of them have been quite well-received since many believe that Julie Newmar was one of the best among the bunch, while Halle Berry should have thought twice before accepting the role. Anne Hathaway seems as though she did the role some credit, but there are still plenty of people that believe she shouldn’t have even bothered. Michelle Pfeiffer on the other hand was a very popular character that got stuck into a rather ridiculous movie, as Batman Returns was, let’s just say it, kind of goofy for the most part and not Tim Burton’s best outing as the director the Batman. But throughout the history of the Batman, Catwoman has been one of the more iconic characters largely because despite being a villain she’s also crossed the line and helped Batman out a time or two as well, firmly remaining a part of the criminal element but showing that she has a set of morals that she clings to when it’s deemed as necessary. Kirby has shown through her characters that’s she can act like the person that lives by a code but is also more than capable of lying, cheating, stealing, and just getting down and dirty when she really needs to. For that alone it seems fitting to say that she’s worth a look and a chance when it comes to putting her on the big screen opposite Robert Pattinson.

So far the idea of The Batman is still a mixed bag with a lot of people since casting the guy that starred in Twilight came as a big surprise to a lot of people and isn’t being universally accepted as a great decision just yet. Plus some folks have even discussed a sort of curse that seems to occur when an actor, especially one that’s well-known and believed to be perfect for the role, dons the suit and the billionaire playboy look. If you look at Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, and even Ben Affleck you won’t be able to say with 100 percent accuracy that the movies destroyed all of their careers since aside from Kilmer the rest of them went on to do other things and were still considered to be quite famous. Kilmer unfortunately seemed to take a gamble on his time as the dark knight and lost, while the others continued to find work on a regular basis. But bringing in Pattinson as the Batman seems to be inspiring a lot of peopl to state that he’ll be just one more casualty under the cowl, though some people do have faith that he’ll do something with it. As for Kirby, one can only hope that she’ll be seriously considered for the role since she could no doubt excel at it.

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