The Five Best Dwayne Johnson Movies of His Career

The Five Best Dwayne Johnson Movies of His Career

The Five Best Dwayne Johnson Movies of His Career

It’s kind of difficult to really pick out the best films of Dwayne Johnson’s career since he does have a few, but there are those that obviously won’t make this list like The Scorpion King, Snitch, or even Be Cool. He’s a likable character in just about any movie he’s in whether he’s a friendly guy or not, but Dwayne Johnson is by and large one of the most swiftly rising superstars in Hollywood and has kind of become the same caliber of actor that Arnold Schwarzenegger once was before he gained a career in politics. At this point though Dwayne has settled nicely into his career and can’t really make the kind of horrendous films that he started out with. To be fair though those first few films got a lot of hype, and only a couple were ever able to live up to that. He’s starred with some of the greatest actors in this industry but it’s taken a while for him to be the headliner that everyone wants him to be. At this point though, any mention of Dwayne Johnson lets you know that it’s going to be an action-packed film.

Here are some of his best films throughout his career.

5. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

There might be those that want to disagree and that another film should have taken this spot but hear me out. While the original Jumanji was a lot of fun it was still kind of dark in some places since Robin Williams was a great comedian, but he was also highly skilled in drama and he made it known too. This film offered a great homage to Williams’ character, but it also gave a different version of Jumanji that didn’t take itself so seriously and wasn’t anywhere near as dark as it could have been. Instead it took an updated view of the game and made it into something that was far more witty and charming than the original could ever be. It was kind of goofy, but then it seems as though it was meant to be that way.

4. Gridiron Gang

This movie was based on a true story but it took a LOT of liberties and in the end kind of just went its own way and created something that was fun to watch. Sean didn’t want to believe that the boys that he and his coworkers watched over were completely hopeless, but he had no way of proving this until he came up with the idea of creating a football team. While it might have seemed like giving a bunch of violent young men a reason to hit someone would have been a bad idea, it turned into something that gave them discipline, a sense of purpose, and a reason to trust one another and those that were watching over them. It didn’t make them perfectly rehabilitated people, but it did give them a sense of pride that helped them to at least see a better path.

3. Walking Tall

Does anyone like it when corruption comes to their town? Anyone that’s ever lived in a small town can attest to this probably unless they were looking to get out from day one. When Chris returns home however he sees how the drugs and the corruption in the town have changed the place he remembers into a much seedier location than he left. When the law won’t do anything about it he takes the law into his own hands and eventually becomes the sheriff. After that it’s kind of a race to the finish to see who’s going to outlast who, the drug dealer that’s trying to control the town or the new sheriff that’s not going to back down.

2. The Rundown

Beck is a retrieval expert, meaning he retrieves people, items, or debts that his employer tells him to. When he’s sent to the jungle to retrieve the son of his employer however he quickly finds that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. While he’s not a pacifist he doesn’t like guns and prefers not to get violent unless there’s a reason. But when he finally embraces the inner violence that he still harbors and goes off he proves to be unstoppable as he lays waste to a small town’s worth of militia that are hell bent on taking him and his charge out. As one of his earliest films this was just awesome despite the lack of realism at times.

1. The Fate of the Furious

Hobbs is about as old school as it gets when it comes to law enforcement, at least in his principles. He can’t be swayed, he can’t be bribed, bought, or in any way turned, but he knows what’s right and what’s wrong and when to straddle the line between both. But bring up his daughter in the wrong context and he quickly seems to forget just what an assault charge is, and rightly so, since no one gets to hold a person’s kid over their head, metaphorically-speaking, as a bargaining chip. Such a thing kind of deserves the immediate threat that Hobbs gives in this instance.

He might not be known as the Rock any longer, but he still knows how to lay the smack down.

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