Why The Knights of Ren Need a Spinoff

Why The Knights of Ren Need a Spinoff

It’s kind of amusing that anyone would want to see the Knights of Ren mentioned in  Star Wars lore again, but there’s a definite story to be told there since the group of Force-sensitive individuals does have an interesting backstory. The Knights of Ren did have a leader before Kylo Ren after all, and they were known to be a terror to those that crossed their path well before the most recent trilogy came along. They couldn’t exactly utilize the Force in the same manner as the Sith or the Jedi, which makes it easier to believe that someone as powerful as Ben Solo could take them down on his own during the Battle Exegol. But to non-Force users and even a few opponents that were skilled and knew what they were doing, the Knights were considered to be more than a little deadly, though it’s also possible that they banked heavily on the reputation of their group rather than on their own skills since in the movies it’s easy to state that we didn’t see them do a lot. Some might find that a bit petulant, but the fact is that there wasn’t a lot of room made for the Knights up until the final movie when they had to square off against their former leader. 

What’s funny about that is the fact that if anyone reads up on the Knights, they’ll find that the armored combatants were loyal to the resurrected Palpatine the entire time, and only deferred to Kylo because it was obviously part of the plan. In other words, they did possess loyalty, but not to the person that everyone believed. And once Kylo returned as Ben Solo it became a bit too obvious that they had no trouble turning on him since their loyalty had already been bought and paid for, so to speak. 

Seeing this group in a limited series, or even for a couple of seasons, might be nice since it’s apparent that they’ve been around for a while, which begs the question as to how they formed, who led them to begin with, and a host of other questions that people might like to have a few answers to. Whether or not there’s interest in doing this is tough to say with any certainty since there are so many other projects on the hook right now and a few directors want to either get involved or stay involved with Star Wars, but what each one of them wants to do is very different. But someone being ambitious enough to take on a Knights of Ren series would hopefully be able to get Adam Driver back for a short period of time to flesh things out, and would hopefully be able to integrate this story in a way that would make sense. One argument that many people make, and one I love to laugh at sometimes, is that the continuity of Star Wars is up, down, and all over the place. This typically means that there’s no way to know where things fit into the main story, or even what belongs to the main story. 

Given the amount of retconning that’s been done since Disney took over Lucasfilm though it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to put the Knights of Ren into the mix if that’s the desired direction. Right now it’s not entirely certain where the Star Wars franchise is going apart from the projects that have been released and spoken of, but spinoffs and other projects that might better explain the gap between the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy might be nice, not to mention that it would give a great deal of insight to those that don’t follow the books, the comics, the games, and the endless podcasts and forums that exist online. Right now, Star Wars belongs to pretty much anyone who’s interested, but the fact is that a lot of those that love the story don’t know that much about it apart from what they’ve seen in the movies. Some might want to say that this means that they’re not real fans, but that’s not a conversation I’ll get into at the moment. All that’s really required to be a fan is to watch and enjoy something and want to see more of it. Well, seeing a spinoff of the Knights of Ren would be seeing more of it, and seeing how their story is integrated within the franchise would be more than a little interesting since it would give them a solid place in the history and therefore make it possible for people to recognize them a little better. But until we see someone ambitious enough to step up and take control of this story it might remain a footnote, which isn’t horrible, but kind of needs a bit of explaining. 

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